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Pendulous review update – 16-bit emulator and full game release

I wrote a review of Pendulous in August 2015.  In February 2017, the games’ original creator found my review and decided to release the full game for free in response.  That was a very nice thing to do and I … Continue reading

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Sorry for the lack of any new articles, but some things happened. First, I was planning on continuing the Guild Wars Game Opinion Summaries series for a while longer, but after the rape and allegation about Guild Wars music composer … Continue reading

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I discovered two “new” Genesis EEPROM games!

I know I said that I wouldn’t post updates to the Console Save Types list as threads this soon, but this one is far too interesting, and important, to leave as just an update in that thread.  I have also … Continue reading

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Major Console Save Types List Update

I spent quite a while today working on some updates to one of my more important works on this site and elsewhere, my Console Save Types list article that you can find here: https://blackfalcongames.net/?p=147 Here is a copy of the … Continue reading

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More corrections to part 11 of GW Memories

While working on the forum version of part 11 (https://blackfalcongames.net/?p=1043) of Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots, I realized that the corrections I made yesterday were inaccurate — I misidentified a few screenshots of the second Guild Wars Nightfall beta as … Continue reading

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Important update to the previous article and small site update

When I went back into my screenshot folders to work on the next update in the Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots article series, which will post soon, I found an error I should have noticed last time — the second … Continue reading

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Small article update

In the WiiWare / Wii VC Recommendations List (https://blackfalcongames.net/?p=364) I fixed a few minor text issues and, more importantly, added comments about what I think about most of the titles I have for WiiWare.  It’s a small but, I think, … Continue reading

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Game Opinion Summary Article Hyperlink Updates – Finally Completed!

So, I’ve spent some time over the past few days working on finally finishing up the tedious but worthwhile task of adding hyperlinked Table of Contents sections to my Game Opinion Summary articles. It may seem simple but it is … Continue reading

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New old summary update(s)

I’ve finally gotten back to continuing to add hyperlinks to all the articles in my old summary lists, and here are two more: the Sega 32X & 32X CD list here: https://blackfalcongames.net/?p=151 and the Nintendo Gamecube list here: https://blackfalcongames.net/?p=129 I’m … Continue reading

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New Article Updates

I’ve gotten back to updating the old game Opinion Summary lists with working hyperlinked table of contents sections, both in the articles and on the site’s main Table of Contents page. Updated this time are: The Odyssey 2 system review … Continue reading

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