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Sega Saturn Game Info Box Color Codes & List of if Saturn Shmups Support Saving

I made this list back in early 2009, a while after I got a Saturn, because I wanted to know exactly which Saturn shmups save, after learning that Darius Gaiden and In the Hunt don’t.  This version of the list … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on E3 2015

E3 was this week, and it was pretty awesome to watch!  It’s great that so much stuff from E3 gets streamed now, there was so much to watch.  I’m sure I’ll be finding stuff to watch from E3 for quite … Continue reading

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Sega CD games and “Bit Rot”: A worse problem than on other disc-based platforms? Why is this?

Sorry for the lack of updates, but here’s something important. Hopefully I can get back to a more regular (at least weekly) update schedule after this. Introduction I know that this has been mentioned plenty of times around the internet, … Continue reading

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