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Many Issues with the Iffy PlayStation 3 Operating System

While I work on my next article, and it is in the works, how about this little almost ten-years-out-of-date, but new to me, list of complaints? I got a PS3 for the first time a few months ago, and while … Continue reading

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Sega Saturn Game Info Box Color Codes & List of if Saturn Shmups Support Saving

I made this list back in early 2009, a while after I got a Saturn, because I wanted to know exactly which Saturn shmups save, after learning that Darius Gaiden and In the Hunt don’t.  This version of the list … Continue reading

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TI 99/4A Function Key Listing

This is just a little list I made based on looking online for this information, after failing to find a link online showing the order of the function keys for anyone like me who has a TI 99/4A computer (Texas … Continue reading

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List: PC Gamer CD & DVD Contents: Sleeve & Disc Listings

This lists all of the game demos, mods, maps, patches, etc. that PC Gamer US CD and, for the few DVD issues I have, DVD sleeves and discs list as being on the discs.  This isn’t a full listing of … Continue reading

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US TurboGrafx CD Games List

This is another one of those lists that was a lot more interesting and useful back before GameFAQs improved their search system, but hopefully it’s still got at least some amount of value. This list should be complete and accurate. … Continue reading

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List: 3rd and 4th Gen Multiplayer Shmups (And Related Genres — Run & Guns, etc.)

This list probably is not complete, but this is everything I know of right now.   Please tell me any that are missing!  Thanks. Edited In Additions — 12/10/2014: Horror Story (Turbo CD) (J only) – This is an autoscrolling side-scrolling … Continue reading

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Genesis and Turbografx-16 Games with Analog Control Support

This list has two parts, first for the XE-1AP joystick and gamepad, and second for the Sega Mouse / Mega Mouse.   XE-1AP Games List First, the XE-1AP analog joystick, and its gamepad counterpart, are very obscure Japan-only controllers.  They … Continue reading

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List: My Favorite Game in Various Series

As I’ve mentioned before and anyone who has read my forum posts knows, I like making lists of gaming-related things.  I’ve posted the best and most useful ones of those already here — the futuristic racing games list, the save … Continue reading

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List: Multitap Supporting Games – Turbografx-16 & Turbo CD

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been so busy updating, fixing up, and adding more detail to my spreadsheet of games I own to get some new, or old, review posted/updated.  So, here’s a nice list!  This should be complete, and … Continue reading

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Game Opinion Summaries: Sega 32X & 32X CD

Introduction I started this list in 2010, and continued it in 2013, updating it with some thoughts on the games I’d gotten since making the original list.  Now I’m posting it here too, with one more review and some expanded … Continue reading

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