TI 99/4A Function Key Listing

This is just a little list I made based on looking online for this information, after failing to find a link online showing the order of the function keys for anyone like me who has a TI 99/4A computer (Texas Instruments’ computer from the late ’70s to early ’80s) but doesn’t have the manual or the key strip of paper (or plastic) that goes over the number keys that tells you what pressing FCTN + a number key does.  The problem is, TI 99/4A games and software will just say “press Back to restart”, but the keyboard doesn’t tell you what the Back key is, you need the key to figure it out.  This made the games somewhat frustrating, until I managed to find a video I could see the key-strip in.  Maybe there are copies of this online, there probably are, but I didn’t find them, so here’s my version.

Just print out the line below, cut it to fit, and put it over the top of the keyboard.  Hopefully the spacing is right, but the spacing was right for me as it is below.  Most importantly, though, the functions are all in the correct order and are worded as they should be.

TI 99/4A Functions
Press FCTN plus the number key below each function to activate each one.  They are in order, so DEL goes over the 1 key, INS over 2, to BACK over 9, REDO over 0, and FCTN over + =.


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