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Pod 2: Speed Zone (Dreamcast) Review

I first covered Pod 2 on a post on NeoGAF.  This new review is probably well over twice as long as the old one, and has a lot more new content than most of the other redone old reviews I’ve … Continue reading

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List: Multitap Supporting Games – Turbografx-16 & Turbo CD

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been so busy updating, fixing up, and adding more detail to my spreadsheet of games I own to get some new, or old, review posted/updated.  So, here’s a nice list!  This should be complete, and … Continue reading

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Speed Racer (Wii) Review – Fast and Fun Futuristic Racing

This review combines a few posts I made back in 2011 about this game into a review.  So, the article is part new and part old.  Speed Racer for the Wii/PS2 is a very fun futuristic racing game.  It’s great … Continue reading

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Game Opinion Summaries: Sega 32X & 32X CD

Introduction I started this list in 2010, and continued it in 2013, updating it with some thoughts on the games I’d gotten since making the original list.  Now I’m posting it here too, with one more review and some expanded … Continue reading

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Mickey’s Speedway USA (N64) Review – A Fun Kart Racer from Rare

This review is from late 2010/early 2011.  I added a few things, but it’s mostly unchanged.  It’s a good game, give it a try! Name: Mickey’s Speedway USA Developer: Rare Publisher: Nintendo Released: late 2000 (US/EU), early 2001 (Japan) Review … Continue reading

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List: Console Save Types: Listing How Consoles Store Data

I first wrote this guide in 2008.  Finally, I’m posting it on my site as well.  This is one of my two longest lists, the most complete ones I have and the first lists I’ve posted here.  The changes made … Continue reading

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BlaZeon (SNES) Review – Challenge the Bio-Cyborgs in one of the Super Nintendo’s best shmups!

I wrote the original version of this review back in ’06, but I’ve enhanced and expanded it for this new posting of the review.  I merged this review with some ideas from my Game Opinions Summary review on the game … Continue reading

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Performance Dual Impact Gamepad (Playstation) Review and Compatibility List – Dual Shock-compatible Gamepad Plus neGcon-to-stick emulation too!

This is a controller review, my only one, but it’s a very interesting controller unlike any other.  I wrote this post early last year, originally, and it needs no real changes (other than fixing images, etc.).  This is a very … Continue reading

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