I, Brian (aka A Black Falcon on the internet) am a video and computer game fan with a masters’ in history.  I like talking about games and making lists and long posts. :p

Most of the reviews, previews, etc. here I also post, or posted, elsewhere, usually NeoGAF and Tendo City (though occasionally other forums as well, such as Sega-16 or PC Engine FX), but I think it’s worthwhile to have it on a blog too, blogs and forums are different.  On a blog like this they don’t get buried and lost, which, for posts like these, is a good thing I think. :)  It puts all of my work in one place, which is great.

Most screenshots are borrowed from GameFAQs; it’s either that or I’d have no pictures here, because while I like writing stuff, making my own screenshots is not something I enjoy, or could do for newer consoles that can’t be easily emulated (off-screen wouldn’t be ideal…).  If anyone has any problem with me using any image I use here that is not my own, please contact me and I will remove it.  The images that rotate in the site’s top bar are my own photos of bits of my collection, however, and certain articles do contain screenshots I took myself; I say so when that is true.

All of the text on the site and the top-bar photos is my work.  Don’t copy it.

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  1. V says:

    Love the article on Genesis games. I have a stack of them and enjoy reading the gist and impressions as I go alphabetically down the list. Great fun! Better than a YouTube Playlist I have to sit through.

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