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Hihou Densetsu: Chris no Bouken (Turbo CD) – A Weird and Flawed, but Decent, Platformer

I wrote this this January.  Somehow I thought I’d posted it here, but somehow I hadn’t.  Problem corrected!  I made some minor tweaks and improvements to the article, but little was changed; it is fairly recent.  I covered this game … Continue reading

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Review: Frogger 2 (Game Boy Color) – Maybe Even Better than the Console Version?

Sorry for the delay between posts.  I should have had something sooner, there are some more old reviews to post before I move on to posting up those often incomplete lists of mine.  As for this game, it’s a pretty … Continue reading

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Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color) Review – A Fantastic Port of a Great Classic!

I wrote the original version of this review in 2011. Great game, I love it. I added some bits to the review here and there, but most of it is the original text. Title: Donkey Kong Country Released: 2000 (worldwide) … Continue reading

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Bionic Commando: Elite Forces (Game Boy Color) Review – This is the best Bionic Commando game ever!

In this review expanded from a review I wrote in ’05, I review the great GBC classic Bionic Commando: Elite Forces. I got this game in 2000, because I’d remembered really liking the NES Bionic Commando game at my older … Continue reading

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Crack Down (Genesis) Review – Topdown Cover-Based Shooting Fun

Back to older reviews now. This review is from ’09, and surely is shorter than one I’d write now, but it’s not too bad. Maybe I should rewrite the review to remove the somewhat odd split-impressions layout, but it works … Continue reading

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The Quest for the Rings (Odyssey 2) Review & Gameplay Description

This is a new, long review of an old but very fascinating game! Title: The Quest for the Rings Released: 1981 (US, EU, SA) Developed by Magnavox and published by Magnavox in the US and their parent company Phillips in … Continue reading

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Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge (DC) Review – Good Classic Arcade Action

Another review from 2012! This is a good game, and the review was mostly good as-is too. I did improve a few parts and get new screenshots, but that’s about it. Title: Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge Developer: Blitz Games Publisher: … Continue reading

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Heavenly Guardian (Wii & PS2) Review – A Good Kiki Kaikai-Style Shooting Game from Star Fish

I wrote this review a couple of years ago. I’ve now updated it for posting here; it was already good, but it’s better now, as always! This is a pretty good classic run & gun game for the Wii! Absolutely … Continue reading

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Game Opinion Summaries: Gamecube

This is a new list. It’s my longest game opinion summaries/short reviews article yet, and yeah, it’s pretty long. I guess I’ve gotten more verbose than I was five years ago when I started on the PS1 and 32X lists… … Continue reading

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