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New old summary update(s)

I’ve finally gotten back to continuing to add hyperlinks to all the articles in my old summary lists, and here are two more: the Sega 32X & 32X CD list here: https://blackfalcongames.net/?p=151 and the Nintendo Gamecube list here: https://blackfalcongames.net/?p=129 I’m … Continue reading

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Article: Losing Rare, and How Nintendo Lost Western Developers

I have started on a PC Platformers Game Opinion Summaries list, but that will take a little while before it gets started.  Today, though, I’ve got this!  This article was based on posts I made in this NeoGAF thread here, … Continue reading

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My Favorite Games, Circa 2004

I’m working on several new articles, but in the meantime, this one is a fairly amusing old list of mine.  I used to have this published on my old website I had on Geocities that nobody probably ever read.  I … Continue reading

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List: Console Save Types: Listing How Consoles Store Data

I first wrote this guide in 2008.  Finally, I’m posting it on my site as well.  This is one of my two longest lists, the most complete ones I have and the first lists I’ve posted here.  The changes made … Continue reading

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Game Opinion Summaries: Gamecube

This is a new list. It’s my longest game opinion summaries/short reviews article yet, and yeah, it’s pretty long. I guess I’ve gotten more verbose than I was five years ago when I started on the PS1 and 32X lists… … Continue reading

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Gauntlet Legends and Dark Legacy Appreciation and Version Comparison: Remembering Some of the Best Action-RPGs Ever Made

As an aside before I begin, in fact the first Gauntlet game with some of the hallmarks of Gauntlet Legends — saving your character, character levels, a quest with an ending, themed areas to play through with bosses at the … Continue reading

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