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US TurboGrafx CD Games List

This is another one of those lists that was a lot more interesting and useful back before GameFAQs improved their search system, but hopefully it’s still got at least some amount of value. This list should be complete and accurate. … Continue reading

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3+ Player Games List: Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 has only two controller ports, it does not have a multitap.  The Paddle Controllers come in a pair that connect to one port, however, so four people can play on one system.  Few games support this — … Continue reading

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Article – Console Generations: The Missing Videogame Generation

This is an article from a few years ago that I just reworked and improved.  Unfortunately, this situation still has not been corrected, so the article is still entirely valid and important! By now I’m sure that almost everyone knows … Continue reading

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Class of Heroes 1 (PSP) Review: Addictive, Grindey Dungeon-Crawling Fun, and Frustration

Okay… so, several years and like 150+ hours into playing this super addictive but at times nightmarishly unfun grinding simulator (or at least that’s what it is right now!), I really should write something about it, shouldn’t I? I mean, … Continue reading

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List: Compile’s Shmups

Compile was one of the best shmup developers of the late ’80s to early ’90s, but unfortunately, when the genre took a downturn in 1993, they abandoned the genre.  Thus, while Compile itself didn’t shut down until the early 2000s, … Continue reading

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