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Review: W-Ring: The Double Rings (TG16) – A Good but Obscure Shmup

Platform: TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine (Japan Only Release) Year: 1990 Publisher/Developer: Naxat Soft Single Player Only   Introduction W-Ring is a great shmup for the Turbografx from Naxat Soft, one of the stronger third-party supporters of the platform on both … Continue reading

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Sega Saturn Game Info Box Color Codes & List of if Saturn Shmups Support Saving

I made this list back in early 2009, a while after I got a Saturn, because I wanted to know exactly which Saturn shmups save, after learning that Darius Gaiden and In the Hunt don’t.  This version of the list … Continue reading

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List: Compile’s Shmups

Compile was one of the best shmup developers of the late ’80s to early ’90s, but unfortunately, when the genre took a downturn in 1993, they abandoned the genre.  Thus, while Compile itself didn’t shut down until the early 2000s, … Continue reading

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Lists: 3 or 4 Player Multiplayer Shmups and Borderline Shmups

First, a note – I just added Horror Story to the previous list, because it’s a two player co-op run & gun.  Go see that list for more.  But on to this new one, of 3+ player multiplayer shooters! Yes, … Continue reading

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BlaZeon (SNES) Review – Challenge the Bio-Cyborgs in one of the Super Nintendo’s best shmups!

I wrote the original version of this review back in ’06, but I’ve enhanced and expanded it for this new posting of the review.  I merged this review with some ideas from my Game Opinions Summary review on the game … Continue reading

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