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Lego Castle (and Town), Part III: On Reassembling Lego Sets and Summaries of Wolfpack Tower, Wolfpack Renegades, Black Monarch’s Ghost, And More

Yes, it’s another article about Lego.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with this stuff this month. After finishing with building the fantastic Lion Knights’ Castle set, which I discussed in my last article but will cover in greater … Continue reading

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Me and Lego Castle, Part II: Lego Castle Set Opinion Summaries

This article ended up being significantly longer than I thought it would be.  It’s more than twice the length of the first Lego article!  Some of that is me repeating things, but most of it is just that I have … Continue reading

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The Eye of Typhoon Re-Release: A New, and Issue-Plagued, Way to Play a Classic (Or, Limited Run Does It Again!)

Why am I posting this before part two of something I’d almost entirely finished writing before posting part one?  Well, I was going to post that today, but this is also important.  This short article is about a re-release of … Continue reading

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