Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots: Table of Contents

This page could go into the main Table of Contents page, but instead I decided to break it out into a separate page, with its own header on my homepage.  Below are a list of the article entries in the series, and a link to the forum thread versions of the articles.  I post everything here first and on forums later, but some of the replies and such are interesting and are possibly worth a look.

This series can be broken up into several parts.  The first five articles cover pre-release and early release Guild Wars, from its first public test in May 2004 until the release of the game in May 2005.  The next seven, articles six through twelve, cover Guild Wars Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall up to February 2007.  Article 13 will start from April 2007, with enhanced screenshots from a newer PC.

I broke up the articles as I did above based on the computers I took the screenshots on, because their graphical powers vary substantially.  The first twelve articles are all screenshots taken on a computer I got in September 2001, a Pentium 4 PC running a 32MB GeForce2 GTS graphics card with the Windows Millenium (WinME) operating system.  By the time Guild Wars released the computer felt somewhat dated, and performance was not great, as the framerate monitor shows when it is visible in the upper right corner of screenshots.

So, as mentioned above, as yet unfinished articles starting from article thirteen will be screenshots from my next computer, the significantly more powerful one I got in March 2007 and would keep for ten years.  This machine has a Core 2 Duo CPU and went through a couple of NVidia graphics cards, first a GeForce 8800 320MB and later a GeForce 560, before I got my current machine in early 2017.  The new machine is still quite nice, but as far as Guild Wars is concerned, the 2007 machine was more than capable of running it at very high framerates.  Guild Wars did see an update in 2018 that adds several new graphical features to the game, however, so screenshots from that point on will get a little better.

Note: In the Table of Contents below, the sub-headings list the contents of each hyperlinked article.  Go to the next article on this list to continue the series as you go through the articles.

This page will be updated as new entries in the series are completed.

Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots: Table of Contents

  1. Guild Wars: Memories and Screenshots, Part 1: Introduction and E3 for Everyone, May 2004
    1. Introduction
    2. E3 for Everyone Begins
    3. Basic Gameplay and Ingame Shots from E3 for Everyone
      1. Solo Play in Explorable Areas
      2. The Town, Cooperative Missions, and Arena
    4. Here are a few resources for GW E3 for Everyone information I found
  2. Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots, Part 2: Beta Weekend Events, October to December 2004
    1. October 2004: World Preview Event
    2. November Beta Weekend Event
    3. December 2004 Beta Weekend Event
  3. Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots, Part 3: Beta Weekend Events, January and February 2005
    1. January 2005 Beta Weekend Event
    2. February 2005 Beta Weekend Event
  4. Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots, Part 4: Beta Weekend Event, March 2005
    1. March 2005 Beta Weekend Event – Talindra Gameplay
    2. Beta Elementalist Gameplay
    3. Beta’s End: Lion’s Arch and PvP
  5. Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots, Part 5: Beta Weekend Event, April 2005, and Preorder Release, May 2005
    1. Beta Weekend Event, April 2005
    2. Preorder Access to the Final Game: May 2005, for two days
  6. Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots, Part 6: June + July 2005, I Bought the Game
    1. Guild Wars: Prophecies Release, June 2005
    2. July 2005 Guild Wars Gameplay
  7. Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots, Part 7: July – August 2005
    1. Guild Wars: July – Early August 2005
    2. A New Character, as well as the old, August 2005
  8. Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots, Part 8: September – early November 2005
    1. Sorrow’s Furnace Releases, Fall 2005
    2. Halloween 2005
    3. Back to Sorrow’s Furnace and A Last Look at Halloween, Fall 2005
    4. Guild Wars Gameplay, Fall 2005
  9. Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots, Part 9: November 2005 – February 2006
    1. Guild Wars (Prophecies), November 2005 to mid January 2006
    2. Guild Wars Factions Global Free-For-All PvP Weekend, Jan. 20-22 2006
  10. Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots, Part 10: March – May 2006
    1. Factions Preview Event, March 2006
    2. Guild Wars – March – May 2004, Prophecies and then the Factions launch
  11. Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots, Part 11: May – October 2006
    1. Guild Wars Factions – First Dragon Festival, June 30 – July 6, and the rest of July as well
    2. Guild Wars Nightfall PvP Preview Event: July 28-30, 2006
    3. August 22 to September 23, 2006: Between the Nightfall Betas
    4. Guild Wars Nightfall World Preview Event: September 22-24, 2006
    5. Guild Wars Factions Screenshots: September – October 2006
  12. Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots, Part 12: Late October 2006 – February 2007
    1. Guild Wars Halloween 2006: late October-early November
    2. Guild Wars Gameplay, November 2006 – mid February 2007

Side Article 1: Screenshots and Memories Sidestory: My Few World of Warcraft and Phantasy Star Online Screenshots

2019 Site Update on why this series was suspended: Update

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