Sorry for the lack of any new articles, but some things happened.

First, I was planning on continuing the Guild Wars Game Opinion Summaries series for a while longer, but after the rape and allegation about Guild Wars music composer Jeremy Soule, I decided to put that off for a while.  He denies the allegations, but they sound quite credible. I will get back to my Guild Wars screenshots series — the soundtrack is only one component to that incredible game — but I think I’ll wait a bit longer before doing so.  I wish that they could remove that soundtrack and replace it with something  not written by someone evidently a total creep, but that’s not going to happen unfortunately I am sure.  Separating art from artist is sometimes difficult, and this is one of those times; Soule has never been one of my favorite game composers, but he did good work in a lot of prominent soundtracks.  It’s really too bad he seems to have abused that power.  This allegation is from after he completed work on Guild Wars 1’s soundtrack, but it’s still really bad, particularly in the context of other slightly less awful but also bad allegations that have surfaced about him.

So with that off the table for now, I tried to come up with something else but don’t have anything anywhere near postable yet.  I think I will do another Game Opinion Summaries list or update, probably a Genesis update covering all the games I’ve gotten since I finished the Genesis list.  I thought this was a good idea since the Genesis Mini is just about to release, so why not cover that fantastic console a bit more?  The other Game Opinion Summaries lists that I plan to do are a Colecovision one, following up my past Atari, Odyssey 2, and Intellivision lists with one for the other pre-crash console I have, and a TurboGrafx/PC Engine HuCards list.  I will do the Colecovision list this year, perhaps soon, and the TG16 one perhaps early next year, since that’s when the TurboGrafx Mini releases so why not?

As for what games I am playing other than classics, it’s mostly still random handheld puzzle games, Mario Maker 2 and They are Billions, which I got back into after its final release.  I have covered both of those games and they are what they are, extremely addictive games I love… or love to hate, depending.  Both can be quite hard and frustrating, in their own ways.  Mario Maker 2 is one of the best games ever, with an endless supply of Mario levels on all skill and competency levels, from extremely easy and basic to impossibly difficult.  My skill is probably somewhere in the middle, so I can’t handle the ones which require the super high-end skills but greatly enjoy the game anyway.  It’s perfect for anyone who likes Mario gameplay!  I still have not finished any levels in Mario Maker 2, but if I do I’ll write a post about it.  As for They are Billions, I love the strategy, but find the randomness very frustrating.  I’ve beaten several maps and am at the desert one now, which is quite hard.  I like the additional things they added to the game over the course of its time in Early Access, and it is a bit easier than it was when I first played it, but it’s still a very difficult game.  When you finally complete a map and survive that final wave it’s an amazing feeling, though!

So that’s the state of the site right now.  I’ll get something finished for posting this month.

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