List: PC Gamer CD & DVD Contents: Sleeve & Disc Listings

This lists all of the game demos, mods, maps, patches, etc. that PC Gamer US CD and, for the few DVD issues I have, DVD sleeves and discs list as being on the discs.  This isn’t a full listing of all contents of the discs, that would require launching up every disc to check it, but it’s a start.  I will eventually make a complete list of all contents and post that, but this should cover the major contents.  I think it’s great to know what was on each disc of this once-incredible magazine’s cover discs!

The list below covers only the discs that I have myself, so it’s got gaps.  I list everything I have here.


The demos are listed as they are ordered on the list on the back of the slipcover.  The first demo on the list is the one which is pictured on the front of the cover, unless otherwise noted.

Publishers are as listed on the cover – PCG always mentioned one.

I can only list the demos for discs that I have.  I’ll note ones I don’t have.

I list platforms for some discs.  These aren’t listed on the slipcase though, you have to run the discs to get the platform breakdown.

The disc numbering system was based on interface version — so 1.1 is the first disc of their first interface, while 4.10 is the 10th disc of the sixth interface version.  I’ll also say a bit about each interface.

* means a full version game.

– means stuff on the disc which isn’t demos – for patches, mods, maps, etc.

From the mid 20-00s on, many issues of PC Gamer had bonus DVDs that you’d only get if you bought at the newsstand, while the subscriber got the inferior CD version.  This annoyed me a lot and was one of the reasons I didn’t resubscribe to PCG between 2002, when I let my subscription lapse, and 2010, when I subscribed again for a year when I got a $5 for a year deal — I wanted DVDs for the demo discs, not CDs, because CDs didn’t hold enough data to have a relevant number of demos on them anymore, but PCG never made the change, sadly.  It was quite annoying.  Apparently in Europe things were very different, and magazines, including PC Gamer UK, usually had multiple discs and often had free full games, but magazines cost a lot more there too… ours were, and are, cheaper but came with less.  (I have several years of discs from between 2002 and 2006 here listed below because I bought several years of ’00s PCG issues on ebay in 2014.)

Before 2006, PC Gamer demo discs come in a nice cardboard sleeve, with one game pictured on the front and usually details about the disc contents on the back.  When this changes to basic papersleeves in mid ’06, I will mention it.  I will also mention when, that same year, PCG stops putting the disc interface number on each disc. The details will be explained below once I reach those points.

The PCG disc was discontinued after the September 2011 issue.  It was, I believe, the last American game magazine to still come with a demo disc at that point.  PCG still exists, as the only surviving computer gaming-specific magazine in the US.

PCG Discs, US Magazine Only


Bonus Discs


Notes: These discs were bonus discs sent to you sometimes for subscribing or re-subscribing back in the ’90s.  I have two of them.

Extended Play Collection, Vol. 1

Addons and maps for:

Quake (maps, mods, bots, skis, editors, TCs, etc.)
Duke Nukem 3D (TCs, maps)
C&C: Red Alert (maps)
Blood (maps)
Warcraft II (maps)
Shadow Warrior (maps)

Extended Play Collection, Vol. 2

Addons and maps for:

Age of Empires (maps, campaigns)
Doom II (maps)
Interstate ’76 Nitro Pack (cars, tracks)
Jack Nicklaus 5 (courses)
Quake (maps, mods)
Quake II (maps, mods)
Shadow Warrior (maps)
StarCraft (maps)
Total Annihilation (units)
Unreal (maps)

Demo Discs

Discs 1.1 to 2.7 – do not have.  I believe Disc Interface 1 might be the floppy disk based demo disks that came with the first couple of issues of PCG in 1994?

Disc Interface 2 is a multimedia experience.  It installs, and then you play it like a first person adventure game.  You move from point to point, like adventure games of the day, exploring the street and then the PC Gamer Underground down below.  You’ve got a simple little puzzle, and can wander around the office too, looking at various things, installing the demos, and finding information about the games on the disc, among other things.  There are also various little comedy bits, including stuff on the answering machine, a little bit of a story hidden somewhere, etc.  Good stuff, I loved this disc version. 🙂

Disc 2.8, Sept. 1996

M1A2 Abrams
Lemmings Paintball
Settlers 2
Shattered Steel
Star Fighter PC
Iron Blood
Return of Arcade
Shakii the Wolf
Alien Trilogy
Death from Above

Discs 2.9 to 2.11 – do not have

2.12, Jan. 1997

Syndicate Wars
Steel Panthers 2
Baku Baku
Assassin 2015
ChessMaster Network
Screamer 2
Ecstatica 2
FX Fighter Turbo
Rex Blade
3D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night
Crusader: No Regret

2.13, Feb. 1997

Tomb Raider (Demo Part 1)
MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries
Microsoft Soccer
Leisure Suit Larry: Love For Sail!
Alien Rampage
Battleground: Antietam
Harpoon Classic
Pinball Builder
Power F1
A Fork in the Tale
Jet Fighter III
Muzzle Velocity
Legends of Kesmai
Rocket Jockey

Disc 2.14 – do not have

Disc interface 3 is the Coconut Monkey’s Island disc revision.  See, in the later discs of version 2, an ongoing story developed and eventually Coconut Monkey left to go on vacation.  He ended up on this island.  This interface is still somewhat interactive, with various areas to click on, but is much less involved and doesn’t feel like a game on its own like version 2 does; that style would not return.  That was kind of too bad, but still it’s a solid disc version.  It’s made with Macromedia [Flash].

3.1, Apr. 1997 -(“The Sports Spectacular”) (demos are for Win95 unless noted)

Links LS – Access
FIFA Soccer 97 – EA Sports [DOS & Win95]
NCAA Final Four – Mindscape
SimGolf – Maxis
Shivers II: Harvest of Souls – Sierra [Win3.1]
Cave Wars – Avalon Hill [DOS]
Scorched Planet – Virgin
XS – GT Interactive [DOS]
Age of Sail – TalonSoft [Win3.1]
Krazy Ivan – Psygnosis
Amber: Journeys Beyond – Graphic Simulations
Banzai Bug! – Grolier
Surface Tension – GameTek [DOS]
Great Battles of Alexander – Interactive Magic
Enemy Nations – Viacom [DOS & Win95]
[Huygen’s Dissclosure – Microforum] – this game is listed on the back but is NOT on the disc.
Bug Too! – SegaSoft
Meridian 59 – 3DO
[Chill Manor] – This game is on the disc but is NOT listed on the back. [DOS]
-Palace [Win3.1/95] – Software on many PCG discs for years – graphical internet chatroom thing basically.  Palace is never listed on the printed demos list.
-Patches: A-10 Cuba!, Admiral: Sea Battles, Age of Sail, Battlecruiser 3000AD, Battleground: Antietam, Battleground: Gettysburg, Battleground: Waterloo, Blood & Magic, Daggerfall, Descent II, Drowned God, Duke Nukem 3D: Plutonium Pak, F22 Lightning II, Harpoon Classic 97, Heroes of M&M II, Jagged Alliance, Leisure Suit Larry 7, Lords of the Realm 2, M.A.X., Missionforce: Cyberstorm, Over the Reich, Shattered Steel, SimCopter, Third Reich, Titanic, Tomb Raider, Wages of War, War Wind, Whiplash, Wooden Ships and Iron Men
-Maps and Updates: Dark Forces(Kyle’s Nightmare, Imperial Residence), Doom II (The City by the Sea, Market), Duke Nukem 3D (Escape, Nobody

Steals), Madden 97 (Week 14 Roster Update), Quake (The Downward Spiral, Scorn), Robert E. Lee Civil War General (Alternate Scenarios), Warcraft II (The Great War, Knappy Land 1)

Discs 3.2 to 3.5 – I do have these, but I don’t have the cardboard sleeves, they’re just loose discs.  The below are just what is listed on the disc itself.

3.2, May 1997

Tomb Raider Demo Part 2
Air Warrior II
F-22 Lighting II
Jack Nicklaus 4
-And many more!

3.3, June 1997

Theme Hospital
Interstate ’76
War, Inc.
-And many more!

3.4, July 1997

The Curse of Monkey Island
X-Com: Apocalypse
F/A-18 Hornet
Darklight Conflict
**Encrypted, now impossible to purchase copies of the full versions of Monkey Island 1 and Monkey Island 2
-And many more!

3.5, August 1997

Shadow Warrior
Betrayal in Antara
Meat Puppet
Absolute Pinball
Bust-A-Move 2
You Don’t Know Jack
Warlords III
-And many others!

3.6, Sept. 1997

Terracide – Eidos Interactive
Dark Colony – SSI
Triple Play 98 – EA Sports
Panzer General II – SSI
Constructor – Acclaim
Wipeout XL – Psygnosis (Requires 3D Accelerator)
Imeperialism – SSI
Atomic Bomberman – Interplay
Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen’s Osyssey – Activision
Pacific General – SSI
The Space Bar – SegaSoft
Slam Tilt Pinball – 21st Century
DogDay – Impact Interactive

3.7, Oct. 1997 (Quake-O-Rama)

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (NOT the cover title, see below) – LucasArts
Warlords III: Reign of Heroes – Red Orb
Extreme Assault – Blue Byte
Golgotha – Crack Dot Com
Take No Prisoners – Red Orb
SODA: Off Road Racing – Papyrus (Sierra)
PGA Tour GOlf – EA Sports
Formula 1 – Psygnosis
Sand Warriors – Interplay
Uprising – 3DO
Skrap – Nuronware
XCAR: Experimental Racing – Bethesda
Lords of the Realm 2 – Sierra
Quake Add-Ons (a collection of Quake TCs and levels – this gets the cover)
Quake Shareware

3.8, Nov. 1997

Hexen II – Activision
Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain – THQ
Claw – Monolith
Legends Football ’98 – Accolade
Virtua Fighter 2 – Sega
The Last Express – Broderbund
Youngblood – GT Interactive
G-Police – Psygnosis
Dungeon Keeper – EA
Front Page Sports: Baseball Pro ’98 – Sierra
WarBirds 2.0 – Interactive Magic
War Wind II: Human Onslaught – SSI
Dark Rift – Vic Tokai
Commanche 3 – NovaLogic

3.9, No. 1, Dec. 1997 (two discs this month, for subscribers)

Resident Evil (requires 3D Accelerator)
Zork Grand Inquisitor
Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command 1939-1999 – SSI
7th Legion – MicroProse
Nebula Fighter – Ionos Software
Worms 2 – Team 17
Pro Pinball: Timeshock! – Empire Interactive
You Don’t Know Jack Volume 3 – Berkeley Systems
Man of War – Strategy First
Take No Prisoners – Red Orb
Dark Angel – Vicarious Visions
Incubation – Blue Byte
Civil War Generals II – Sierra
Byzantine: The Betrayal – Discovery Channel Media
Enterpreur – Stardock Systems
Nuclear Strike – EA
Shipwreckers! – Psygnosis (3Dfx Required)
Baseball Mogul – Infinite Monkey Systems
The Game Club  JC Research

3.10, No. 2, Dec. 1997 (The Top 10 Demos of 1997)

Tomb Raider, Parts 1 and 2 – Eidos (both demos together)
Heroes of Might & Magic II – New World Computing
MDK – Playmates Interactive
Blood – GT Interactive
Interstate ’76 – Activision
Shadow Warrior – GT Interactive
Moto Racer GP – EA
Shadows of the Empire – Lucasarts
Hexen II – Activision
Links LS — Access

Plus… (these are new demos, I think?)

Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror – Virgin Interactive
Dark Earth – MicroProse
The Golf Pro – Empire Interactive

3.10, Jan. 1998

Tomb Raider II  – Eidos
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II – Lucasarts
Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far – Microsoft
Sub Culture – UbiSoft
Age of Empires – Microsoft
Die by the Sword – Interplay
NetStorm – Activision
Virtual Pool 2 – Interplay
You Don’t Know Jack TV – Berkeley Systems
netWAR – Headland Digital Media
iF-16 – Interactive Magic

3.11, Feb. 1998 (The Ultimate Driving Spectacular)

Need for Speed II SE (3Dfx Required) – EA
CART Precision Racing – Microsoft
Test Drive 4 – Accolade
Road Rash – EA
East Front – TalonSoft
Tanarus – Sony Interactive
Addiction Pinball – MicroProse
NBA Action ’98 – Sega
Dark Reign – Activision
Star Command Deluxe – Metropolis Digital
Earth 2140 – Interplay
Ultra 3D Pinball: The Lost Continent – Seierra
Myth: The Fallen Lords – Bungie

3.12, Mar. 1998

Wing Commander Prophecy – EA
Falcon 4.0 – MicroProse
Sid Meier’s Gettysburg! – Firaxis
Deadlock II – Accolade
Sanitarium – ASC Games
Extreme Tactics – Media Station
Turok – Acclaim
Jack Nicklaus 5 – Accolade
Grand Theft Auto – ASC Games
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – GT Interactive
-Mods/Maps: Incubation Levels and Patches
-MindSpring, EarthLink, MCI Internet provider setups

3.13, Apr. 1998

Battlezone – Activision
F1 Racing Simulation – Psygnosis
Stratosphere – Kodiak Interactive
VR Baseball – Interplay
Front Page Sports: Golf – Sierra
Front Page Sports: Baseball 98 – Sierra
Fighter Ace – Microsoft
Links LS 98 – Access
HardBall 5 – Accolade
Jack Nicklaus 5: Course Designer – Accolade
WarBreeds – Red Orb
F-22 Raptor – NovaLogic
Star Trek: The Game Show – Sound Source Interactive
Warhammer: Dark Omen – EA

3.14, May 1998

Jedi Knight: Mysters of the Sith – Lucasarts
Forsaken – Acclaim
Interstate ’76: Arsenal – Activision
Fleash Feast – SegaSoft
Quest for Glory V – Sierra (first, Adventure Demo – pre-release)
Adrenix – Playmates Interactive
Total Annihilation – Cavedog
Longbow 2 – Jane’s COmbat Simulations (EA)
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos – Fox Interactive
Ultim@te Race Pro – MicroProse
VR Powerboat Racing – Interplay
Balls of Steel – Pinball Wizards
Warhammer 40k: Final Liberation – SSI
-Addons/Maps: Total Annihilation (units), Quake II (maps), etc

3.15, June 1998

Final Fantasy VII (3Dfx Required) – Eidos
Heavy Gear – Activision
Quake II – id Software
Burnout – Bethesda [no, not that Burnout]
Incoming – Rage Software
Deer Hunter – Sunstorm Interactive
Net Fighter – SegaSoft
StarSiege – Sierra
Dink Smallwood – RTsoft (first demo)
Empiriana – Infinite Realms
Panzer Commander – SSI
Pharaoh’s Ascent — Ambertec
Armor Command – Ripcord

Disc Revision 4: This interface is simple and basic, but worked fine.  Red color scheme, made in NeoBook.

4.1 – do not have

4.2, Aug. 1998

Jane’s F-15 – Jane’s COmbat Simulations (EA)
Warlords III: Dark Lords Rising – Red Orb
Redjack: Revenge of the Brethren – THQ
KKND2: Krossfire – Melbourne House
Dominion: Storm over Gift 3 – ION Storm
Monster Truck Madness 2 – Microsoft
HardBall 6 – Accolade
Team Apache – Mindscape
Industry Giant – Interactive Magic
COmmandos – Eidos
Tomb Raider II, Part 2 – Eidos (like with Tomb Raider 1, TR2 got two demos)
Bass Masters Classic TE – THQ
Vangers – Interactive Magic
Beast Wars: Transformers – Hasbro Interactive
Dink Smallwood -RTsoft (new, larger demo)

4.3, Sept. 1998

Grim Fandango
Final Fantasy VII (now with non-3DFX 3d card support and a software mode) – Eidos
Moto Racer 2 – EA
International Rally Championship – THQ
GOlden Tee Golf – Incredible Technologies
Kuba – Patch Products
Incubation: The Wilderness Missions – Blue Byte
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling
Police Quest: SWAT 2 – Sierra
Golf 1998 Edition – Microsoft

4.4, Oct. 1998

SiN – Activision
Jagged Alliance 2 – Sir-tech
AIr Hockey – Patch Products
Motorhead – Fox Interactive
Morpheus – Piranha Interactive
Montezuma’s Return – Wizard Works
Ancient Conquest – Megamedia Australia
Operational Art of War – TalonSoft
European Air War – MicroProse
Plane Crazy – SegaSoft
Get Medieval – Monolith
CyberStorm 2: Corporate Wars – Sierra
WayPOint Zeta – Elpin Systems

4.5, Nov. 1998

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – Red Storm
Motocross Madness – Microsoft
Ares Rising – Imagine Studios
NFL Gameday 99 – 989 Sports (Sony)
Army Men – 3DO
Knights and Merchants – Interactive Magic
Sanctum – Digital Addiction
F-16 Multirole Fighter – NovaLogic
West Front – TalonSoft
Urban Assault – Microsoft
Crop Circles: Escape from Planet 3 – Zero Entertainment
Hexplore – Infogrames

4.6, Dec. 1998

Shogo – Monolith
Need for Speed III – EA
Caesar III – Sierra
Powerslide – GT Interactive
Carmageddon II – Interplay (3Dfx Only)
Jazz Jackrabbit – Epic MegaGames
Spearhead – Interactive Magic
Johnny Herbert’s Grand Pric World Champions – Intense Games
iF/A-18E Carrier Strike Fighter – Interactive Magic
Recoil – Virgin Interactive
Swarm – Global Star Software
Speed Busters – Ubisoft

4.7 – Jan. 1999

Descent 3 – Interplay
Trespasser – Dreamworks Interactive
Aliens versus Predator – Fox Interactive (Predator demo)
NFL Blitz – Midway
Blood II: The Chosen – GT Interactive
Lords of Magic: Special Edition – Sierra
Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome – Microsoft
Heretic II – Activision
Return Fire 2 – Ripcord
Populous: The Beginning – Bullfrog (EA)
Railroad Tycoon II – Gathering of Developers
Tonic Trouble – Ubisoft
Sanctum – Digital Addiction (demo showing up for the second time)

4.8 – Feb. 1999

The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard – Bethesda
Pro Pinball: Big Race USA – Empire Interactive
Tomb Raider III – Eidos
Settlers 3 – Blue Byte
Future Cop: L.A.P.D. – EA
Heavy Gear 2 – Activision
Klingon Honor Guard – MicroProse
Resident Evil 2 – Capcom
Snow Wave – Intense Entertainment
Test Drive Off Road 2 – Accolade
Wargasm – DID
Chron X – The Station

4.9 – Mar. 1999

Thief: The Dark Project – Eidos
King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity – Sierra
Requiem: Avenging Angel – 3DO
Rest Drive 5 – Accolade
Uprising 2 – 3DO
Snow Wave – Intense Entertainment (showing up again, same demo)
Warzone 2100 – Eidos (first demo)
Red Baron 3D – Sierra
Carnivores – WizardWorks
The 4th Coming – Viacom

4.10 – Apr. 1999

SimCity 3000 – Maxis
Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri – Firaxis
Rogue Squadron 3D – LucasArts (req. 3d acceleration)
Aliens versus Predator: Marine Demo – Fox Interactive (req. 3d acceleration)
WCW Nitro – THQ
Viper Racing – Sierra
Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – SSI
Red Baron 3D – Sierra (yup, another repeat demo…)
Sanctum: Bloodlines – Digital Addiction (addon to the online card game)

4.11 – May 1999

Myth II: Soulblighter
Half-Life: Uplink – Sierra
Close Combat III: The Russian Front – Microsoft
Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire – Sierra (second, Action Demo – post-release)
Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty – Eidos
Rollcage – Psygnosis
Gangsters – Eidos
Imperialism II: Age of Exploration – SSI
Redline – Accolade
Elite Darts – Patch Products
Sanctum: Bloodlines – Digital Addiction (repeat)

4.12 – June 1999

Kingpin – Interplay
MechWarrior 3 – MicroProse
Slave Zero – Accolade
High Heat Baseball 2000 – 3DO
Aliens versus Predator: Aliens Demo – Fox Interactive (third and final demo)
Battlezone Red Odyssey: Mission Pack – Activision
Settlers III Multi-player – Blue Byte (second, multiplayer only demo)
RollerCoaster Tycoon – MicroProse
Sports Car GT – EA
West Front – TalonSoft (repeat from Nov. 1998)
Warzone 2100 Multi-player demo – Eidos

4.13 – Aug. 1999

Worms: Armageddon – Hasbro Interactive
Starsiege – Sierra (repeat from a year before?)
Heroes of Might & Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia – New World Computing
Re-volt – Acclaim
X-Wing: Alliance – LucasArts
Requiem: Avenging Angel – 3DO (updated demo)
Field and Stream Trophy Bass 3D – Sierra
Starshot – Infogrames
Shattered Light – Simon & Schuster Interactive
Apache Havoc – Empire Interactive
Beavis and Butthead: Bunghole in One – GT Interactive

4.14 – Sept. 1999

Sinistar: Unleashed – THQ
Drakan – Psygnosis
Hidden and Dangerous – Take 2
Shadow Company: Left for Dead – Interactive Magic
Star Wars Episode I: The Gungan Frontier – Lucas Learning
Official Formula 1 Racing – Eidos
Space Bunnies Must Die! – Ripcord
Triple Play 2000 – EA Sports
Virtual Tennis – Interplay
Beat Down – Hot-B
-Mod: PC Gamer Presents Darkstar One (Half-Life mod)

4.15 – Sept. 1999

Need for Speed: High Stakes – EA
Outcast – Infogrames
Star Trek: Starfleet Command – Interplay
Independence War Deluxe Edition – Infogrames
Links Extreme – Access
F-22 Lightning 3 – NovaLogic
Jeff Gordon’s XS Racing – ASC Games
Warzone 2100 – Eidos (third and final demo, Urban setting)
The 4th Coming – Viacom (repeat inclusion of this online game)
Tomb Raider II Gold – Eidos

Disc Revision 5 – Another revision of the simple menu-interface disc style that PCG would stick with for as long as they kept making demo discs.

5.1 – Oct. 1999

System Shock 2 – EA
Mob Rule – Simon & Schuster Interactive
Star Wars Episode One: Racer – LucasArts
Panzer General III: Assault – SSI
Wartorn – Eyst Games
Driver – GT
Septerra Core – Monolith
Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace – LucasArts

5.2 – Nov. 1999

Battlezone II – Activision
Seven Kingdoms II – Enlight (PC Gamer Exclusive version with more maps than other versions)
Pharaoh – Sierra
Odium – Monolith
Madden NFL 2000 – EA Sports
Tachyon: The Fringe – NovaLogic
Nocturne – Terminal Reality
Deer Avenger 2 – Simon & Schuster Interactive

5.3 – do not have (though I’m sure I used to…)

5.4 – Jan. 2000

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings – Microsoft
Final Fantasy VIII – Eidos
TrickStyle – Acclaim
Pong: The Next Level – Hasbro Interactive
Sid Meier’s Alien Crossfire – Firaxis
Homeworld – Sierra
Armored Fist 3 – NovaLogic
Star Wars: Pit Droids – Lucas Learning
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation – Eidos
Spellbinder: The Nexus Conflict – Centropolis Entertainment (online only MMO)

5.5 – Feb. 2000

-Mods/Maps: Half-Life (PC Gamer Presents: They Hunger) (listed first, but not on the cover)
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine – LucasArts (this is the actual cover)
NBA Live 2000 – EA Sports
Mesiah – Interplay
Wheel of Time – GT
Urban Chaos – Eidos
Dungeon Keeper 2 – EA
Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time – Infogrames

5.6 – Mar. 2000

Allegiance – Microsoft
Quake III Arena – Activision
Interstate ’82 – Activision
Star Trek: Hidden Evil – Activision/Presto Studios
SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle – Sierra
Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned – Sierra
Sid Meier’s Antietam! – Firaxis
Test Drive Off-Road 3 – Infogrames
Boarder Zone – Infogrames
Lego Racers – Lego Media

5.7 (Apr. 2000) – do not have

5.8 – May 2000 – With this issue, PCG stops always listing publishers on the back of the disc slipcover.

Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001 [-3DO]
NOX – Westwood
Shadow Watch
Pro Pinball: Fantastic Hourney
Missile Command
Shogun: Total War
Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact
-Maps/Mods: Half-Life (ten expansions for the game)

5.9 – June 2000

Ground Control – Sierra
Earth 2150
Klingon Academy
Half-Life: Opposing Force
Trophy Bass IV – Sierra
Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed
-Video: Ultima Online 2 movie (exclusive gameplay movie) – Origin

5.10, July 2000 – missing / do not have (though I sure used to) – unless there was just one that month?

5.10 (special disc) – July 2000 – PC Gamer Classic Game Collection 1 (12 full version classic PC games and one new demo)

Daikatana (demo)
*Terminal Velocity [DOS]
*Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed [DOS]
*Ultima I [DOS]
*Ultima Underworld [DOS]
*The Secret of Monkey Island [DOS]
*Wing Commander 1 w/ Secret Missions 1 & SM 2 [Win95 version from the Wing Commander 1-3 Win9x collection]
*King’s Quest 1 [DOS] (EGA ver.)
*Alone in the Dark [DOS]
*Descent [DOS]
*Duke Nukem II [DOS]
*Links [DOS]
*X-Com [DOS]

5.11 – Aug. 2000

Motocross Madness 2 – Microsoft
Star Wars: Force Commander
Gunship! – Microprose
The Time Machine – Cryo Interactive
Lemmings Revolution
Warlords Battlecry
-Video: Halo trailer movie (10 minutes long)

5.12 – Sept. 2000

-Mod: Half-Life (They Hunger 2)
Deep Space 9: The Fallen
Star Trek Armada
-Video: Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor, Red Faction
-Patch: Half-Life
-Mod: Quake III Arena (Weapons Factory Arena 1.0)

5.13 – Oct. 2000

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child
Deus Ex
BANG! Gunship Elite – Red Storm
Vampire: The Masquerade: Redemption
-Internet: EarthLink

5.13 No. 2 – Oct. 2000 (may have been a retail only bonus disc?  Not sure.)

*Steel Panthers: World at War – Matrix Games – full, free game (NOT on the cover)
Sanity: Aiken’s Artifact – Fox Interactive
Star Trek: New Worlds – Interplay
Dino Crisis – Capcom
3D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride – Sierra
StarLancer – Microsoft (this is the cover title)

5.14 – Nov. 2000

Heavy Metal FAKK2
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
Stupid Invaders
Sydney 2000
-Patch: Half-Life (Half-Life: Opposing Force: CTF addition)
-Mod: Half-Life (two exclusive maps)

Disc Revision 6 – The shortest-lived revision I’ve seen.  It’s not too different from the ones before and after it.

6.1 – do not have (if there was one, no month is missing)

6.2 – Dec. 2000

NHL 2001
No One Lives Forever
Panzer General III: Scorched Earth
Homeworld Cataclysm
Delta Force: Land Warrior
Dark Reign 2 – Activision/Pandemic Studios
Reach for the Stars
4×4 Evolution – Terminal Reality

6.3 – Jan. 2001

Escape from Monkey Island
Crimson Skies – Microsoft
Virtual Pool 3
Starfleet Command Volume II: Empires at War
Battle Isle: The Andosia War
Insane – Codemasters
Breakout – Hasbro Interactive
Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge

6.4 – Feb. 2001

MechWarrior 4 – Microsoft
Oni – Bungie
No Escape
FIFA 2001

6.5 – Mar. 2001

High Heat Major League Baseball 2002 – 3DO
Diablo II
Quake III: Team Arena – Activision/id Software
American McGee’s Alice – EA
Hitman: Codename 47 – EA
Zeus: Master of Olympus – Sierra

Disc Revision 7 –

7.1 – Apr. 2001

No One Lives Forever (again; full first mission “exclusive” demo)
Gunman Chronicles
The Moon Project
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel
Project IGI
Links 2001

7.2 – May 2001

*Duke Nukem 3D [DOS] – the full original game, not including Plutonium Pak.
NBA Live 2001
-Mods: Quake III (Alliance for Quake III)
Giants: citizen Kabuto (Meccaryn demo)
Star Wars: Battle for Naboo

7.3 – June 2001

Real War
-Mod: Half-Life (PC Gamer Presents: They Hunger 3)
Operation Flashpoint
Giants: Citizen Kabuto – Reaper demo
Advenure Pinball: The Lost Island
-2000 Mod of the Year, Half-Life (Firearms RC 2.5)

7.4, July 2001

Serious Sam
Clive Barker’s Undying
Star Trek: Away Team
Blade of Darkness
Legends of Might & Magic
Out of the Park 3
-Mod, Half-Life (Day of Defeat)

7.5, Aug. 2001

Evil Islands
The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions
Steel Soldiers
The Settlers IV

7.6, Sept. 2001

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
Independence War 2
Gangters 2

7.7, Oct. 2001

MechCommander 2
Throne of Darkness
Aliens vs Predator 2 (Marine demo)
The Corporate Machine
-Mod: Half-Life (Day of Defeat 1.3)

7.8 – do not have, I stopped subscribing, only have a few discs after this for the next year or so, then none after that.

7.9, Dec. 2001

Max Payne
Independence War 2 (repeat demo from Sept.)
Baseball Mogul 2002
*The Best Free Games
-Mod: Half-Life (The Opera Mod for Half-Life)
-Mod: Unreal Tournament (Tactical Ops Beta 2)
*Vederball (PCG fanmade game they put on the disc)

7.10 (Dec. 2001 Disc 2, or maybe Holiday 2001 if the added 13th issue each year, a Holiday issue, started being published as of this year) – do not have

7.11 – Jan. 2002

Shattered Galaxy
Nexus TK
Dark Ages (the ~2002 MMO)
Ultimate Ride
IL-2 Sturmovik
-gmax (free 3d game editor, particularly for Dungeon Siege)

7.12 – February 2002

Return to Castle Wolfenstein
*Wolfenstein 3D [DOS] (full original game)
-Patches: Project Eden, AquaNox, Empire Earth, Soul Reaver
-And More!

7.13 – Mar. 2002

Wizardry 8
Dark Planet
EB Worlds (basic game creator)
-Addon: Counter-Strike Map Pack
-Plus – Patches, Mods, maybe more demos

7.14 – Apr. 2002

Warlords Battlecry II
Disciples II
Betty Bad
-Mod: Day of Defeat Beta 2.0
-Plus – more mods, demos, patches, wallpapers, and strategies

7.15 – May 2002

Command & Conquer: Renegade (Multiplayer Demo)
Star Trek: Bridge Commander
Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza
-Mod: Action Half-Life  Beta 5
-Plus more demos, patches, mods, strategies, and wallpapers

7.16 – Jun. 2002

Freedom Force
Mobile Forces
-Addon: Disciples II (exclusive scenario)
-Mod Collection: Neil Manke’s They Hunger 1, 2, and 3 for Half-Life (also with some Neil Manke maps for Quake 1)
-Mod: Freedom Force (exclusive PC Gamer skins)

7.17 – Jul. 2002

Dungeon Siege
Project Earth
Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs
-Mods: Half-Quake (Half-Life), Acid Arena (Quake III), Peaces Like US (Half-Life), True Matrix (Max Payne)

7.18 – Aug. 2002 (bought this one on the newsstand)

-Mod: Dungeon Siege (Yesterhaven) – PCG Exclusive World (NOT the cover – see below)
The Sum of All Fears
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (this is the cover title)
Sudden Strike II
Cultures II

7.19 – Sept. 2002

Battlefield 1942
Soldier of Fortune II
Medieval: Total War
-Walkthrough: Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns

7.20 – Oct. 2002

Hitman 2
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
-Patches and Wallpapers

7.21 – Nov. 2002

*America’s Army (free online-only game)
Batman: Vengeance
Iron Storm
Soldiers of Anarchy

The outer cardboard sleeve design and on-disc menu remained the same, but the disc art style changed starting with 7.22.  No more ring around

the edge listing things on the disc, just an image of the main feature attracting and its name.

7.22 – Dec. 2002

No One Lives Forever 2
Divine Divinity
Project Nomads

7.23 – Holiday 2002

Impossible Creatures
James Bond 007: Nightfire
Links 2003
-Mod: Exclusive Coconut Monkey unit for Impossible Creatures
-Walkthrough: Divine Divinity
-Wallpapers and more

7.24 – Jan. 2003 (nothing listed on back of sleeve)

Age of Mythology

7.25 – Feb. 2003

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down
MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries
Warcraft III

7.26 – Mar. 2003 (don’t have)

7.27 – Apr. 2003

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3
IGI 2: Covert Strike
1503 A.D.: The New World
-Video: Unreal II

7.28 – May 2003 (again, nothing listed on back of sleeve)


New design for the back of the sleeve — just words listing the names of the demos, no descriptions of anything, no listing of extra stuff on

the disc

7.29 – Jun. 2003

Unreal II
Restaurant Empire
-And More!

7.30 – Jul. 2003

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4
Chicken Shoot
-And More!

7.31 – Aug. 2003 (don’t have)

The front of the sleeve was redesigned starting from 7.32 (or 31?).  Still no change to the disc numbering.  The back was also redesigned —

now it shows screenshots of the title demo, no text or listing of anything else on the disc (if there is anything).

7.32 – Sept. 2003

*Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (free online multiplayer-only addon to Return to Castle Wolfenstein)

October 2002 – no disc?

7.33 – Nov. 2003

Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Project Entropia

7.34 – Dec. 2003

Call of Duty (Exclusive Demo)

7.35 – Holiday 2003

Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring
Savage Empires
-Video: Unreal Tournament 2004 Trailer
-And More!

7.36 – Jan. 2004

Age of Mythology: The Titans

7.37 – Feb. 2004

Deus Ex: Invisible War
Uru: Ages Beyond Myst

7.38 – Apr. 2004

Far Cry (Exclusive Demo)

7.39 – May 2004

Unreal Tournament 2004
-PDF copy of the first issue of PC Gamer from 1994

7.41 – Jun. 2004

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
*Guild Wars (E3 for Everyone Downloader – playable beta from May 2004)

7.42 – Jul. 2004 (don’t have)

7.43 – Aug. 2004

Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots

7.44 – Sept. 2004

Ground Control II: Operation Exodus

7.45 – Oct. 2004 (don’t have)

The back of the sleve has been redesigned – now it just has a ‘disc not working?’ help paragraph, instead of any actual useful information.

7.46 – Nov. 2004

Rome: Total War
Myst IV
-Wallpapers and more!

7.47 – Dec. 2004

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

7.62 – Jan. 2006

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV

7.63 – Feb. 2006

**Star Wars Galaxies 10-day trial (now-dead MMORPG)

7.64 – Mar. 2006 – PC Gamer DVD

Star Wars: Empire at War

7.65 – Apr. 2006 – PC Gamer DVD

The Movies
-25 Reflexive Mini-games
*Dark Age of Camelot 14-day trial

7.66 – May 2006

-Mini-games & more
Video: Battlefield 2142 (this is the cover game)

7.67 – Jun. 2006 – PC Gamer DVD

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends
Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War
City Life
-“11 Playable Demos”
-And More

With the July 2006 issue PC Gamer stops including a cardboard sleeve for the disc, stops numbering discs by PCG menu software version, and instead just puts it in a standard blank white papersleeve with only the month for a label.  Argh.

Jul. 2006 – PC Gamer DVD

Condemned: Criminal Origins
Galactic Civilizations II
Heroes of Might & Magic V
*Auto Assault 14 day trial (this is the disc cover image)
-And More!

Aug. 2006

Rush for Berlin
-5 Playable Mini Games
-Video: Prey trailer (this is the disc cover image)

Sept. 2006

Titan Quest
-5 Mini Games

Oct. 2006 (don’t have)

Nov. 2006 – PC Gamer DVD

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Joint Task Force
F.E.A.R. Extraction Point
Bad Day LA

Dec. 2006

Medieval II: Total War
-6 Mini Games
-Video: Neverwinter Nights 2 Trailer

Holiday 2006

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade
-6 Mini Games

Sept. 2010 – thin-DVD disc. This is the only DVD-based issue of PCG I have.

*Runes of Magic: The Elven Prophecy (free-with-cash-shop MMO, full game on the disc)
-Video: ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead

Jan. 2011

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirit
*Alganon: After the Dawning (free-with-cash-shop MMO, installer is on the disc, download the rest)
-Video: Medal of Honor, SHogun 2: Total War, NBA 2K11

Mar. 2011

Bejeweled 3
*Alganon: After the Dawning (free-with-cash-shop MMO, installer is on the disc, download the rest)
3DMark 2011 (demo of this performance test program)

Apr. 2011

EA Create
Heavy Hogur
*Alganon: After the Dawning (free-with-cash-shop MMO, installer is on the disc, download the rest)

May 2011

(no demos)
*Alganon: After the Dawning (free-with-cash-shop MMO, installer is on the disc, download the rest)
Video: Crysis 2, Bulletstorm (how to lasso mutants with a laser rope), Mount & Blade (siege a castle)

Jun. 2011


Aug. 2011

Two Worlds 2: Castle Defense demo
The Tiny Bang Story
*APB Reloaded (free-with-cash-shop MMO, on the disc)
-Video: Magicka: Vietnam
-Art: World of Warcraft poster art

Sept. 2011 – Final PCG US Disc Ever.  The end of an era…

S.P.A.Z. : Space Pirates And Zombies Demo
Minecraft (repeat from previous issue)
-Video: Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 3, Ghost Recon Online
-Maps: Counterstrike (Disney Park levels), Half-Life 2 Garry’s Mod (Disney Park levels)

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36 Responses to List: PC Gamer CD & DVD Contents: Sleeve & Disc Listings

  1. KingSpode says:

    Hello Brian,
    I randomly stumbled upon your blog by searching for an old mod for the game Impossible Creatures. Do you by chance still have your “7.23 – Holiday 2002” Disc? It features the “Mod: Exclusive Coconut Monkey unit for Impossible Creatures”. Would it maybe be possible to upload the mod on your blog? I know some of the IC fans would really love to see it. 🙂

    But apart from this – great collection!


    • Brian says:

      Yes, I have the disc. Hmm, looking on the disc, if the Coconut Monkey character for the game does exist it’s got to be bundled into the demo, it doesn’t seem to be a separate file. I can’t upload the whole demo to this site, probably, so where should I look to see if I can find an individual file for this? Looking around the game folder tree I don’t see anything too obvious, but I haven’t really played much of the game so I’m not sure…

  2. Trank says:

    Hey Brian. I am from the Dark Forces 2 community i saw a video of someone using “Extended Play Collection, Vol. 1” and it had something Jedi Knight related on it. Sadly they didn’t go into the folder or anything. (Which is strange cause you don’t have JK listed with that disc)

    Anyway can you at least confirm for me its the same disc you have? And see exactly what is it on. We run a Jedi Knight archive over at so we look out for anything we can find. Thanks.

    • Brian says:

      Well, I checked on the disc… and yes, even though it isn’t mentioned on the back, there is indeed stuff for Jedi Knight 1 on the Extended Play 1 disc. There is also one map for Doom 2 on the disc as well. Those are good examples of how PCG did not always list everything on the back that is on the disc. This disc is from late 1997, so it’s some very early maps and such for the game. I love JK1, but I don’t know if I ever used most of this stuff… maybe I should at least check the maps!

      So what’s on the disc? Maps, force powers, and character skins. There are six replacement force powers, seven maps, and eight skins. I won’t list the others now, but the map zip-file filenames are arch1new, bfrevenge, bounty!, kilvader, mount, mtkurek, and starsend.

      • Trank says:

        Wow, that is stuff we don’t have actually. Anyway you could at least upload all the Jedi Knight Content? We appreciate that man.

        • Brian says:

          Okay, I’ll try to upload it somewhere. This is a much smaller file than that Impossible Creatures demo, all the JK1 stuff is only like 7-something megabytes, but where to upload it to… not to this site, I think. I’m not sure where would be good though, and I’ve never made a file-sharing site account… hmm. I’m looking into that, unless you have a suggestion.

  3. qs says:

    do you ever remember a video game that is firstperson view with good graphics and your in a prison, and in the next cell to you is a spaniard who i believe helps you with clues to break out. it take place in like 1800. been look for it for years. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Brian says:

      That’s RedJack: Revenge of the Brethren, a first-person adventure game from 1998. That segment there sounds like the bit from the demo, which is actually in this list here; it’s on the August ’98 issue specifically, though it’d be much easier to find online than there. :p But yeah, RedJack. It is good, yes.

  4. Connor says:

    wow this brings back memories! Maybe someone can help me find a game Ive been searching for over the years. I don’t remember a lot about it so I’m sorry in advance if my description is kinda vague.
    It was an rpg either from before 2000 or a little after. Its kinda top down if I remember correctly. The demo starts out as you are a man in front of a building and inside the building is basic trader who sells a mace, sword, and another weapon. You walk around the island like place fighting creatures and picking up their loot. You mainly use food to heal you like cheese and bread I think. The most defining thing I remember was on the far right side of the island you find a cave and inside its a long trail and along it are golems and other creatures you fight.
    -Thanks in advance for any help!

  5. Galane says:

    Which one had several full versions of old DOS games? I know it had Star Control 2 on it, cracked by the publisher so one could simply poke Enter when it asked for info from the manual, and the manual and starmaps were included as PDFs.
    IIRC the full original X-COM was on it 10 or 12 full DOS games.

    Id Software, despite raking in the Quake CA$H, only included the *shareware* version of DOOM. BOO! HISS!

  6. Schrödinger's PC GAMER Demo Discs says:

    Hi Brian,

    How do you store your discs?

    I probably have a much much smaller collection than yours and I’m torn between keeping and chucking them. I haven’t sat down to look at all this stuff for years but I have a bunch that I kept in their paper cases whereas with others I apparently stored the cases and discs separately.

    I’m trying to bring some order to my boxes of discs and to not listen to much to nostalgia but I also found it really interesting that people are still asking for files on certain discs. A backup of random Coconut Monkey stuff will probably still exist somewhere regardless of whether I clear out my boxes but I wouldn’t want to throw anything out that someone might be happy to find in the future.

    If you have an effective storage solution that you’re happy with, I’d be interested to hear about it!

    • Brian says:

      Heh… compared to the size of my overall game collection, the relatively small amount of space taken up by some demo discs in their sleeves is minor. I keep my PC (Gamer) demo discs in a CD holder at the end of my computer desk, though that’s full and the rest are in a stack behind it. I love collecting gaming-related things so I’d never get rid of them, but if you do, I’d suggest ebay maybe? There’s surely someone who would want them, demos are neat pieces of history.

  7. Jay says:

    Hey guys, could anyone help me out? I’ve been looking for a game but can’t find it.

    It’s a 2D game, sidescroller, with a level selection where you could select different planets in where you could play. One of the planets had some sort of ring or belt around it.

    Basically you would control some space troops and defeat the aliens in each planet. I remember one of the controllable character was always smoking, he had a cigar in his mouth.

    I thought the graphics resemble Abe’s Oddysee, couldn’t find anything of the kind.

    Thanks in advance!

  8. sebastian says:

    DO you rememember a game where you could play as 3 characters which you would switch from, you were in WW2 i believe and it was 1 black man, 1 white and a women. It was on some demo disc after 2000 but i cant seem to find it. Real Time strategy game, isometric view!

  9. Nicholas Andrews says:

    Hey Brian,
    I keep finding myself on your page! I’ve been trying to find and old game and I recall it being paired with KKND on a demo disc sometime back in 1997-1998. I cannot for the life of me remember what the name is, however when I think back to it I recall it being Gecko Escape from Eden, but that search yields no results. It was a 3rd person puzzle platformer about a little metal lizard robot trying to escape what appears to be a metalworking facility. Do you by chance have that KKND demo disc with a second game paired with it?
    Much Appreciated,

    • Brian says:

      That sounds a lot like the unique, but pretty interesting, 1997 title Galapagos: Mendel’s Escape. I checked and that demo isn’t on PC Gamer US’s disc which has the KKND demo on it (June 1997), but the game released around the same time as KKND so it’s likely that the two games were on some demo disc together.

      Galapagos… that really is a kind of weird game though. Look it up.

  10. Michael Filla says:

    war gerade auf deiner Seite und ich habe da was gefunden was ich schon lange suche.
    ( Disc:7.32 September 2003/ Wolfenstein:Enemy Territony aus PC Gamer CD)
    Vielleicht hast du ja noch das Heft dazu.Wenn nicht ist es auch nicht so schlimm.
    Würde gerne die CD von dir kaufen.Nenne mir einen Preis mit Versandkosten
    zu mir nach Deutschland. Ich wohne in Augsburg/ Bayern.
    Würde mich über eine posetive Antwort von dir freuen. Gebe mir deine Daten,
    wo ich das Geld hin überweisen so. Ich kann nur deutsch sprechen und schreiben.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen: Michael

  11. Brandon says:

    I have the disc you’re missing, the Extended Play Volume 3. I will gladly upload it for you. I’d like to snag a copy of the volume 1 and 2, if you would be so kind!

    Feel free to email me.

  12. Calvin says:

    Hello Brian i’m looking for 2 games one was a rpg type game I don’t remember much about it but i think there was a strong monster that was a dragon I don’t think the dragon was a boss but just a strong monster.And the other game was a 3d war game
    I think it was on the same disc as zoo tycoon 2 or freedom fighters but I think you don’t have the disc.I am asking because I can’t find my discs and would be grateful for your help.

  13. Paul says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you knew which disc contained trailers for both Heavy Gear and XFire (now cancelled).
    I’ve downloaded a few discs that I THOUGHT had them, but to no avail. Was hoping you might be able to recall exactly which disc they would have been on.
    Many thanks!

  14. xt says:

    Do you know where i can get old 90’s and early 2000’s issues of this magazine?

  15. Dillon says:

    This is really cool! I just found out there’s a huge repository of old shareware cds on

    It would be no small task, but maybe you could make sure the disks you have get uploaded? For posterity.

    • Brian says:

      Shareware CDs and magazine demo discs aren’t quite the same thing really. That’s pretty cool, but I don’t see any magazine demo discs there. I do have a few shareware CDs though…

  16. B says:

    Thanks for posting this! I was looking for an old disc from when I was a kid, and I found it. The information was nowhere else.

  17. Evidential says:

    Hi Brian. Do you know of a game where you have to kill your wife and farm? There was a post about this on Reddit and I was wondering if you had it.
    I am afraid this post might go on Nexpo’s video so if you are seeing this go to my YT channel: Evidential.
    Brian, go to Nexpo’s video with the Reddit Mysteries #1 on it. There is many details about the case. You can also go to r/tipofmyjoystick on Reddit for later info. It came out in 2004-2006. Thank you and bye

  18. jhon says:

    i can not remeber the year but i remeber i bought cd magazine inside of demo disc there is a game but i can not remember of the name the game is like this
    the character is woke up the bed and he says “sun god hold me in to the eyes” and There was meat in the plate on the small table where the bed was eating it There was an arena inside the room and you could train with the man in the arena and you could finish your training at any time the caracter is male

    i can not find this game name

  19. Tristen Lee Redelinghuys says:

    I used to own one of the demo discs. I have been trying to find a demo where the last fight is a witch but just before you could fight her the game said you should buy the full game. It is a side scroller in a forest, I don’t remember much of the game. I also thing that you fought the enemies with your hats and I vaguely remember you could rocket hat or something like that :D.

  20. Daniel says:

    My parents had a friend that would bring me these discs when he visited. There was a game on one of them…fantasy style with elves, dwarves, magic, goblins, etc. It was a strategy game where you had to capture, control, or explore a dungeon and when you did it broke into a different gameplay style where you had individual control over your archers, axemen, etc.

  21. Denielle says:

    Hello 🙂

    I have been recently thinking about the games I use to play when I was younger and can’t seem to find one of the PC games I used to love. It was about these little yellow guys that had to defend against bulldozers. One could command the little yellow ones to cut wood or break stone or they could even create slime traps that would freeze the bulldozers in place and turn them green. I believe I use to have it on one of my 90s PC demo games. I think it had like Quake, Hexen, DOOM. I think there also use to be Seven Kingdoms on the demo as well as WORMS. 🙂

    But the real reason Im reaching out is for the bulldozer game. I can’t seem to find it anywhere online. I could find all the other games but not this one unfortunately 🙁

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks 🙂


  22. Lynnwicked says:

    Does anyone remember the Quake III Arena map that took place in a giant child’s bedroom? If I recall correctly, there was a Coconut Monkey easter egg somewhere hidden in the map and large PC Gamer magazines strewn about.

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