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Article: “Nintendo 64 Controller” Famiclone Systems: The Super Joy III and Power Joy Pirate Consoles

This is an improved, rewritten upgrade of a post I wrote in 2012 when I got the Power Joy system described below.  These things are pretty interesting pirate game units, and it’s cool to have a few of them. 🙂 … Continue reading

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Review (PC Freeware) – Gal Pani X, A Great, and Unique, Qix Clone

Title: Gal Pani X Platform: PC (Windows 95 or better) Developer: D5 Released: 2000 (original demo version); 2002 (final release) Freeware PC game, not distributed in physical media Introduction Gal Pani X is a Japanese freeware PC doujin game from … Continue reading

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