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A Super Mario Maker 2 My Levels Update

What, nobody other than me was asking for this?  Well, sorry, but I was so here it is.  My last MM2 levels update was last March, and since then I have made several levels.  I would, honestly, make more if … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Computer

————- INTRODUCTION ————-   This is a guide for how to use an old computer platform that I have had an interest in for some time now.  I wrote a Game Opinion Summaries list for some TI99 carts something like … Continue reading

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It’s Over. Nintendo Went Through With the Worst Shutdown of a Digital Storefront Ever.

I wrote this today, because I’m still upset about this and aren’t over it.  This article has three parts.  First is the longer, about Nintendo’s recent shutdown of digital purchasing on the 3DS and Wii U.  Second is a shorter … Continue reading

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On an Interesting ’80s Lego Birthday Party [Castle] Poster

Sometime in the later 1980s, as many child Lego fans did I somehow got some issues of Lego’s then-new magazine, which was mostly aimed at child fans.  I would not regularly get issues until the mid 1990s, so unfortunately I … Continue reading

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Lego Rebuilding Part IV: The Rest Of My Classic Castle Sets, including Guarded Inn, Viking Voyager, Forestmen’s Hideout, and more, and a Minifigure Inventory

Since my last Lego article, I have continued rebuilding my remaining castle Lego sets, and also have gone through my pirate and space minifigures to determine what I have minifigure-wise from those lines. It’s been a lot more work than … Continue reading

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Me and Lego Castle, Part II: Lego Castle Set Opinion Summaries

This article ended up being significantly longer than I thought it would be.  It’s more than twice the length of the first Lego article!  Some of that is me repeating things, but most of it is just that I have … Continue reading

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The Eye of Typhoon Re-Release: A New, and Issue-Plagued, Way to Play a Classic (Or, Limited Run Does It Again!)

Why am I posting this before part two of something I’d almost entirely finished writing before posting part one?  Well, I was going to post that today, but this is also important.  This short article is about a re-release of … Continue reading

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Me and Lego Castle, Part I: A History, Analysis, and Sets List

This is an article about Legos, the toys. I’ve gotten a bit back into them recently. Don’t expect articles like this to be a regular replacement for videogame articles, this is just going to be an occasional thing, but it’s … Continue reading

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More Super Mario Maker 2 Levels & I Finished my Super World!

Since my last article about Mario Maker 2 on the site, I have made three levels, one in December, one in January, and one just yesterday in March.  The most important of these is the one from January, for I … Continue reading

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2021 Game of the Year

This 2021 Game of the Year article could be longer, but I think I cover the necessary categories well enough to post one this year.  (I did a GOTY list in 2019, but not 2020.  It makes a return this … Continue reading

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