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Diablo IV Review of sorts, Part II: Spoiler-Heavy Storyline Analysis & Additional Thoughts

Introduction After writing my previous article here I continued playing Diablo IV.  As a reminder I am playing it on Xbox Series X in 4k.  I finished the story in Diablo IV in July, just after the first season began … Continue reading

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Diablo IV Impressions (And How it Compares to Diablo II / DII Remastered)

Introduction   Diablo IV, Blizzard’s latest title, released last month, and like a lot of people I bought it right after its release. As the title suggests, I am playing the game on Xbox Series X. Pre-release the game had … Continue reading

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Netstorm (PC) Review – Battle in the Skies of Nimbus in one of the best games ever!

In addition to the recently posted Mega Man in Dr. Wily’s Revenge, the other review I posted on the internet in 2001 was this one, for the classic 1997 PC real-time strategy game Netstorm. I first played Netstorm from PC … Continue reading

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