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Lists: 4th Gen Console Games from Electronic Arts (EA)

The purpose of this list is to show how heavily biased EA was towards the Genesis over the Super Nintendo (or Turbografx) in the 4th generation.  EA started out as a computer game developer, and only moved into consoles in … Continue reading

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Research: Cancelled Games – NEC’s Monster Maker 2: The Ark of Gods (Turbo CD), Saturn Monster Maker, and other series information

This is just some quick internet research I did earlier this year about what Japanese websites have to say about NEC’s cancelled sequels to the 1994 Turbo CD (PC Engine CD) RPG Monster Maker: Yami no Ryuukishi. I don’t turn … Continue reading

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List: 4th Gen Console Fighting Games – A Complete List

I don’t know how useful this list is, but I made it, so here it is! The major addition I could, and maybe eventually will, make to the list is to also mark North American region-exclusive titles.  I should do … Continue reading

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Update: Additions to the 3rd & 4th Gen Multiplayer Shmups List

Yes, I found a few more games for this list after posting it! Additions 12/10/2014: Horror Story (Turbo CD) (J only) – This is an autoscrolling side-scrolling run & gun platform-action game.  It has two player co-op. 12/12/2014: Cosmo Gang: … Continue reading

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Lists: 3 or 4 Player Multiplayer Shmups and Borderline Shmups

First, a note – I just added Horror Story to the previous list, because it’s a two player co-op run & gun.  Go see that list for more.  But on to this new one, of 3+ player multiplayer shooters! Yes, … Continue reading

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