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My Thoughts on E3 2015

E3 was this week, and it was pretty awesome to watch!  It’s great that so much stuff from E3 gets streamed now, there was so much to watch.  I’m sure I’ll be finding stuff to watch from E3 for quite … Continue reading

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Lists: 4th Gen Console Games from Electronic Arts (EA)

The purpose of this list is to show how heavily biased EA was towards the Genesis over the Super Nintendo (or Turbografx) in the 4th generation.  EA started out as a computer game developer, and only moved into consoles in … Continue reading

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Recoil (PC) Review: Zipper’s Great Tank Action Game

Recoil is a simple and arcadey third-person tank shooter, a popular subgenre in the late ’90s. I have quite a few tank shooters from this era, including Battletanx and Battletanx: Global Assault on the N64; Grudge Warriors, Battletanx: Global Assault … Continue reading

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