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New Article Updates

I’ve gotten back to updating the old game Opinion Summary lists with working hyperlinked table of contents sections, both in the articles and on the site’s main Table of Contents page. Updated this time are: The Odyssey 2 system review … Continue reading

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US TurboGrafx CD Games List

This is another one of those lists that was a lot more interesting and useful back before GameFAQs improved their search system, but hopefully it’s still got at least some amount of value. This list should be complete and accurate. … Continue reading

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Avenger (Turbo CD) Review – Under Defeat’s under-rated, and great, TCD spiritual predecessor

Title: Avenger Platform: Turbo CD (PC Engine CD) Developer: Telenet Japan Publisher: Laser Soft Release: December 7, 1990 (Japan only) Intro The Turbo CD is a great, and important, console. Designed by Hudson and sold by NEC, it was the … Continue reading

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Game Opinion Summaries: TurboGrafx (Turbo) CD / PC Engine CD – An Amazing System!

System History — The TurboGrafx-CD, also known as the PC Engine CD, was the first ever home gaming platform that used CD-based media. The only even remotely similar predecessor is the Japan-only MSX Laserdisc drive from the mid ’80s, but … Continue reading

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