Pendulous review update – 16-bit emulator and full game release

I wrote a review of Pendulous in August 2015.  In February 2017, the games’ original creator found my review and decided to release the full game for free in response.  That was a very nice thing to do and I have been enjoying the full game ever since, but I never made a post about it, I only mentioned it in that article.  Now, however, I have made anther find related to this game, one which makes this little update quite valuable: there’s now a way to play Pendulous, with no problems, in 64-bit Windows 10!  Yes, it’s true, and it’s because of an emulator called OTVDM.  So, I went back to my Pendulous review and lightly edited it to add in mentions of these two important items, mention of the release of the full game, and to cover that emulator I learned about recently that runs 16-bit Windows applications. A few spelling errors were also corrected. The rest of the review has been left as it is.

The review is here:

The links to OTVDM and the full game are in the links section at the end of the article.

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