A few updates

First, two games were added to the 3 and 4 player multiplayer shmups list, Otomedius Gorgeous and Otomedius Excellent for the Xbox 360.  Both games have three player co-op, I hadn’t realized that.

Second, I made a few minor changes to the Midway history article.  Nothing major, but I thought I should mention it.

And last, and most significantly, I’m working on an update of the recent PS1 Game Opinion Summaries Part 2 list that will add boxshot images for key titles, italicize the info text on each summary, put two spaces after each period (as it should be), fixes a few spelling mistakes, and add video links for interesting games.  It’s partially done, and I hope to get it all finished soon.  I’ll edit this if I get it done in the next few days, or create a new post if it takes longer than that.

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