TurboGrafx-16 & PC Engine (HuCard and CD) Save and Save Backup Unit Information & Incomplete Compatible Games List

Note:  The one thing missing from this list is a complete list of Japanese titles with system save.  All US-released games with system save ARE listed below, though, so it is complete for the US region.  All types of backup devices are also listed and described.  That I do not have a complete list of Japanese games with saving is why I didn’t post this list sooner, I only wanted to post complete lists.  But I think it has some pretty useful information on it as-is, so I think it’s worth posting despite its incomplete status.  The games listed below do save.  For the rest, assume that any Japanese RPG has saving, but for other games, I don’t know, try them and see.  I’d love to hear any information to help complete this list!

I have posted versions of this list on some forums before, but this is an improved version of the list.  I just finished adding all of my more recent findings into the list so it is now longer and a bit more complete than previously.

Backup Unit Types

First, 2000 block memory types.  These each have a 2KB 2o00 block save chip on them.  Yes, each block is one byte.

TurboGrafx-CD and PCE-CD base units, TurboDuo and PCE Duo, Duo-R, and Duo-RX systems (US and Japan) have 2000 blocks in their internal save memories.  These all save via a capacitor, so it’ll eventually lose the saves on it if you don’t turn the system on for too long; it should be able to hold them for at least a few weeks on each charge.  I haven’t yet had the memory erase on me, since buying a Turbo CD base unit back in fall ’09, which is nice.

Turbo Booster Plus (US) – Alternative instead of a CD base unit, adds AV output and 2000 blocks of internal memory.  I believe the internal memory is capacitor-backed, like with the CD base units and Duos.  These things are pricey, so while they probably work well, I’d recommend getting a CD addon instead, the cost is only a bit higher and probably half of the library is on CDs, if you buy imports ass anyone interested in this system should.

Tennokoe 2 (J) – External backup unit with 2000 blocks of memory.  Plugs into the back of the system, to add saving to systems like the CoreGrafx for people who don’t want to get a CD drive.  Uses AA batteries to hold the save.  It doesn’t have AV output, because this was mostly designed for systems like the CoreGrafx which have that themselves.  Don’t confuse this with the much better-known Tennokoe Bank below, they are entirely different, and that is much more useful than this.

Backup Booster (J) – Another external 2000 block memory unit, again powered with AA batteries (apparently), but this is basically the Japanese equivalent of the Turbo Booster Plus – it’s got the internal save, and AV output.  I’m not sure why they really needed both this AND the Tennokoe 2, they are basically the same thing as far as I can tell, they just look a bit different, to better fit with newer models of the system I imagine.

Backup Booster 2 (J) – This is a save memory only addon – no AV output here.  So, it’s again sort of like the Turbo Booster Plus, but internally it is different: Apparently saves via an internal rechargeable NiCad battery, and gets power from the system.  “60 hours charge to save data for a month”, one of the links below says.  Probably is also 2000 blocks, but I don’t know for sure.  I wouldn’t use one of these if I had a choice because NiCad batteries fairly quickly lose their ability to recharge, and many of these probably don’t work anymore I would guess.  I’m sure replacing the battery is possible though, for those so inclined.

Backup Unit (J) – Backup unit just for the PC Engine Shuttle.  Functionally the same as the Backup Booster 2, just differently shaped.  I’m not certain if it uses a NiCad battery like the Backup Booster 2 or a capacitor, though.  It’d be nice if it wasn’t a NiCad battery, most old NiCad batteries lost their ability to re-charge years ago.

Now, larger save backup types.  There are two, one 8KB and the other 128KB.

Tennokoe Bank (J) – These HuCards, Japan only cards with save memory on them, have 8000 blocks divided into four 2000 block banks.  This only works as a save backup unit, and you cannot save directly to the card, unfortunately.  When you turn the system on with a Tennokoe Bank plugged in, you can copy whole banks back and forth to the system or delete files in a bank, but you cannot copy individual files between banks.  I wish you could do that, but similar to the N64, it is impossible; at least on the N64 you can do it with a Gameshark, but on this system there’s just no way to do it I know of.  So, choose the block each save file goes to wisely.  The Tennokoe Bank saves via an internal, difficult to replace CR2320 battery.  It is under the bumped-up cover on the bottom part of the HuCard.

Memory Base 128 or Save-kun (J): These units, Japan-only addons that plug into the controller port as a passthrough, have 128000 blocks on them, divided into 64 banks.  You can copy banks back and forth to the system, as with the Tennokoe Bank, though to do this you must go through ingame menus with certain compatible games (because of how it plugs in, it can’t have a built-in menu like the Tennokoe Bank, of course).  Certain, specific Japanese CD titles that support the MB128 directly can save directly to the MB128, as well.  Koei released a clone of the MB128 called the Save-kun; it’s the same thing, and is inter-compatible.  The only negative is that it saves via AA batteries, which won’t last nearly as long (I’ve found good alkalines last me about seven months, or maybe a bit more), but are user-replaceable.  There is another internal (rechargeable perhaps) battery for when the batteries die, that will hold the saves for about half an hour while you replace the batteries.  The unit will also hold saves while system power is on, so you could alternately replace the batteries while the system is on.  The batteries are in a plastic box that goes in the bottom of the MB128 unit, so you just pull that out, put new batteries in, and plug it in again.

Sources for more info on the save backup units above:
http://www6.airnet.ne.jp/wataru/pce/back_sys.htm or translated: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww6.airnet.ne.jp%2Fwataru%2Fpce%2Fback_sys.htm – This site is fantastic and has pictures of most of the backup devices!  Go there!

Also some of my own research.

TurboGrafx-16 and Turbo CD (& PCE/CD) Games With Saving

Notes: First, again, for the below list, the US list should be complete.  The Japanese list is very incomplete.  Most of this list is from the sources

Additionally, a * before a game name means I checked the file size for this title myself on my system.  For whatever reason the file sizes on my system are not the same as the file sizes reported on the lists linked above.  I do not know why.  My numbers are as reported in Valis IV.

TG16/PCE HuCard games with system save

U [US-exclusive titles]

D&D: Order of the Griffon – 412 blocks (also has passwords, but with PW you can only save on world map; with system save you can save anywhere) (four files allowed)

JU [Games released in both Japan and the US]

Andre Panza Kick Boxing – 35 blocks
Bomberman – 5 blocks (also has passwords) (can save only at Continue menu.  Three files allowed.)
*Bomberman ’93 – 32 blocks per file (also has passwords) (can save only at Continue menu.  Three files allowed.) (listing site said 16 blocks, but it’s 32 on my Turbografx.)
Boxyboy (main game is password only, but edit mode is system save only)
Champions Forever Boxing – 21 blocks (also has passwords)
Chew Man Fu – 2 blocks for game progress, 172 blocks per custom level (also has passwords for game progress, custom levels require system save)
Cratermaze – 17 blocks (also has passwords) (only saves at Continue menu) (this number is what’s reported in my Japanese copy of the game.  The listing site says that the game [US version] takes up only 1 block.)
Davis Cup Tennis – 209 blocks per file
Devil’s Crush – 480 blocks in two 240 block files (both required) (also has passwords)
Dragon’s Curse – 14 blocks (also has passwords) (four files allowed)
Dungeons & Dragons: Order of the Griffon (also has passwords, but with passwords can only save on world map; save files save anywhere)
Falcon – 140 blocks in two files, 60 and 80 blocks, both required (also has passwords)
Gunboat – 176 blocks
Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf – 406 blocks in two files, 130 and 286 blocks (130 blocks for score/player data, 286 to save a game in progress)
Neutopia – 32 blocks (also has passwords) (four files allowed)
Neutopia II – 48 blocks (also has passwords) (four files allowed)
Night Creatures – 40 blocks (can save after dying, game saves number of remaining continues.) (three files allowed)
Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III
Soldier Blade – 63 blocks
Super Volleyball – 112 blocks per file (saves Team Edit mode creations)
*Tiger Road – 56 blocks (listing site said 40 blocks, but it’s 56 on my Turbografx.)
Timeball – 420 blocks (also has passwords)
World Sports Competition – two files, both required, 216 and 144 blocks (360 total) (can have up to three saves of the 216 block main save files; the smaller file is world records.)
Yo, Bro

J (incomplete list) [Japan-exclusive titles]

Battle Lode Runner (also has password for main game; edit mode requires system save)
Coryoon: Child of Dragon
Darius Plus – 260 blocks
*Doraemon: Meikyuu Daisakusen – 17 blocks (this is the Japanese version of Cratermaze)
Eternal City: Toshi Tenso Keikaku
F1 Circus
*F1 Circus ’91 – 2+ files: 256 blocks (required file, best laps), and 407 blocks (to save a season).  So 673 blocks minimum, total.
F1 Circus ’92
*F1 Triple Battle – 196 blocks
*Final Soldier – 34 blocks (listing site says 18 blocks, but it’s 34 on my Turbografx.) (saves scores in regular & timed modes)
Knight Rider Special
Kattobi!  Takuhaikun
*KickBall – 18 blocks
Knight Rider Special
Lady Sword
Lode Runner: Lost Labyrinth (also has passwords)
Maniac Pro Wrestling: Aso heno Tatakai
NHK Taiga Drama – Taiheiki
Power League V
Spiral Wave
Tongueman’s Logic
Tora Heno Michi
Wallabby!! – Usaki no Kuni no Kangaroo Race
*X-Serd – 26 blocks (per file)

TG16/PCE CD games with system save – note that I mark the system card each game requires, CD, Super CD, Arcade CD, or Games Express.

U (complete list; US-only games not on this list don’t save)

Beyond Shadowgate – 600 blocks (can have up to three files) (Super CD)

JU (complete list; US-released games not on this list don’t save)

4-In-1 Super CD (Gate of Thunder and HuCard copies of Bomberman, Bonk 1, Bonk 2; the first two have saving, see their listings for file sizes.) (Super CD)
*Cosmic Fantasy 2 – 354 blocks per file, 2 files required (CD) (so 708 blocks required) (listing site says 336, so 676 blocks required, but on my TG16 it’s 354/708.)
Cotton – 40 blocks (saves high scores only) (Super CD)
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes – 601 blocks per file (three files allowed) (Super CD)
Dungeon Explorer 2 – 616 blocks (includes four saveslots within it) (Super CD)
Dungeon Master: Theron’s Quest – 409 blocks per file (three files allowed) (can only save at end of level) (Super CD)
The Dynastic Hero – 78 blocks (four files allowed) (Super CD)
Exile – 96 blocks (four files allowed) (save anywhere)
Exile: Wicked Phenomenon – 1155 blocks (includes three saveslots within it) (save in towns only) (Super CD)
Fighting Street – 110 blocks (saves high scores only) (CD)
Forgotten Worlds – 34 blocks (saves high scores only) (Super CD)
Gate of Thunder – 25 blocks (saves high scores only) (Super CD)
Godzilla – 12 blocks (Super CD)
It Came from the Desert – 132 blocks (CD)
Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf – 368 blocks (game in progress save) (CD)
J.B. Harrold Murder Club – 400 blocks (two files allowed) (CD)
*Last Alert – 48 blocks (CD) (listing site says 32, but it’s 48 on my Turbografx.)
Loom – 66 blocks (Super CD)
Lords of the Rising Sun – 1075 blocks (CD)
Might & Magic III: Isles of Terra – 1969 blocks (Super CD)
*Monster Lair – 80 blocks (listing site said 64 blocks) (saves high scores only) (CD)
Prince of Persia – 10 blocks (ten files allowed) (Super CD)
Riot Zone – 40 blocks (saves high scores only) (Super CD)
Shadow of the Beast – 144 blocks (WILL AUTO-ERASE ALL OTHER FILES IF THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SAVE SPACE!) (saves high scores only) (Super CD)
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective vol 1. – 3 269 block files, one for each mystery (CD) (so 809 if you keep files for all three)
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective vol 2. – 3 273 block files, one for each mystery (CD) (so 819 if you keep files for all three)
SimEarth – 2000 blocks (Super CD)
*Splash Lake – 78 blocks (CD) (listing site says 62 blocks, but it’s 78 on my Turbografx.)
Valis II – 16 blocks (CD)
Valis III – 32 blocks (CD)
Vasteel – 880 blocks (contains four save slots within the file) (CD)
*Ys Books I & II – 61 blocks(per file, 5 max) (CD) (listing site said 45 blocks per file, but it’s 61 on my Turbografx.)
Ys III – Wanderers from Ys – 48 blocks per file (CD)

J (very incomplete list! Many titles missing.  Games are Super CD titles unless noted.)

3×3 Eyes
A-Train III (A.III. / Take the “A” Train III / A-Rensha de Ikou III) (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
*Baby Jo – 108 (saves scores only, passwords required for continuing game progress)
*Builder Land – 68 blocks (saves scores only, passwords required for continuing game progress)
Akamajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo – 144 blocks
Aoki Ookami To Shiroki Mejika (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Art of Fighting (Ryuuko no Ken) (Arcade CD) (?)
The Atlas: Renaissance Voyager (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Collection (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Blood Gear
Bomberman: Panic Bomber
Brandish – 997 blocks (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Dragon Knight & Graffiti
Dragon Knight 2 – 993 blocks
Dragon Knight 3
Dragon Slayer II
Eikan wa Kimi ni: Koukou Yakyuu Zenkoko Taikai (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun) (baseball sim) (Arcade CD Enhanced, Super CD Required)
*Efera and Jiliora: The Emblem of Darkness (CD) – 224 blocks per file (5 allowed)
Emerald Dragon – 4 blocks for config file, 274 blocks per save (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
F1 Circus Special: Pole to Win
Fatal Fury 2 (Garou Densetsu 2: Aratanaru Tatakai) (Arcade CD) (?)
Fatal Fury Special (Garou Densetsu Special) (Arcade CD) (?)
*Fiend Hunter – 16 blocks (per file)
Fire Pro Female Wrestling (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Fray CD: Xak Gaiden – Fray in Magical Adventure
Future Boy Conan – 2 blocks
Ghengis Khan (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Gotzendeiner – 160 blocks
Gulclight TDF2
Hi-Leg Fantasy (SOMETIMES WILL ERASE ALL OTHER SAVE FILES WITH NO WARNING!) (requires a Duo or Super CD-ROM2 console and a Games Express system card)
Human Sports Festival – 40 blocks (can use passwords, but for one of the three modes only)
*Iga Ninden Gaoh (aka Iga Ningen Gaiou) – 27 blocks per file
Image Fight II – 19 blocks
Jantei Monogatari
*Jantei Monogatari II – Uchuu Tantei Deban:  Shutsudou-hen (part 1) – 80 blocks (filename is “Diban Jantei 2”)
Jantei Monogatari II – Uchuu Tantei Deban: Kanketsu-hen (part 2) (filename is “Diban Jantei 2 p.2”)
Jantei Monogatari III
Jim Power – In Mutant Planet
Kaze Kiri Ninja Action
Kiaidan 00
Linda Cube (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
*Magicoal – 303 blocks (per file) (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Mahjong Clinic Special
*Mateki Densetsu Astralius – 330 blocks (per file)
Meikyuu no Elfeane: Faery Dust Story
Metamor Jupiter
Might & Magic (CD)
*Monster Maker: Yami no Ryuukishi – 562 blocks (per file, 2 max)
Moonlight Lady
Nobunaga’s Ambition: Zenkokuban (Nobunaga no Yabou) (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Nobunaga’s Ambition: Bushou Fuuunroku (Nobunaga no Yabou) (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Nexzr (saves top 5 scores only)
Popful Mail (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Princess Maker
Princess Maker 2 (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Princess Minerva
Private Eye Doll (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Puyo Puyo CD – 128 blocks
Puyo Puyo CD Tsuu
*Ranma 1/2: Toraware no Hanayome (Ranma 1/2 Part 2) – 80 blocks
*Record of Lodoss War – 166 blocks (per file)
Record of Lodoss War II
*Road Spirits – 149 blocks (listing site said 138 blocks, but it’s 149 on my Turbografx)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms III (Sangokushi III) (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
*Rom Rom Stadium – 2 files: 60 blocks (required system file) and 263 blocks (player stats)
Ruin – 783 blocks (contains two saves within it)
*Shanghai II – 144 blocks (saves scores and settings; game also has passwords for specific tile layouts)
Shanghai III
Shin Megami Tensei (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Sol Moonarge
*Space Battleship Yamato – 18 blocks
Startling Odyssey
Startling Odyssey II – 349 blocks
*Summer Carnival ’92: Alzadick (saves settings, top score in ea. category) (CD) – 27 blocks
Summer Carnival ’93: Nexzr Special (saves top 5 scores in main game, 1 score in each carnival mode)
*Super Albatross – 60 blocks
Super Darius (may not save much if anything?) (CD)
*Super Darius II (616 blocks – saves top 50 scores)
Super Real Mahjong P II + III Custom (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Super Real Mahjong PV Custom (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Tadaima Yusha Boshuchuu (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Tengai Makyou: Ziria (CD)
Tengai Makyou II: Manji Maru
Tengai Makyou 3 – Kabuki Den – 320 blocks per file
Tokimeki Memorial
*Ultra Box volume 6 – Custa and Jangken Monogatari games support saving.  Custa: 21 blocks per file; Jangken Monogatari: 144 blocks
*Valis IV (CD) – 48 blocks
Vasteel 2 (also supports Memory Base 128/Save-kun)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? – 22 blocks
*World Heroes 2 – 66 blocks (listing site said 50 blocks) (Arcade CD)
Xak I & II – 640 blocks per file
Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys – 2 block settings file plus 45 blocks per save
Zero 4 Champ – 192 blocks



Shape Shifter (does save, see above)


Space Fantasy Zone (unreleased) (doesn’t save but will erase)
Hi Leg Fantasy (does save, see above)

Games with Memory Base 128/Save-kun Support (complete list)


A-Train III (A. III, A-Rensha de Ikou III)
Aoki Ookami To Shiroki Mejika
The Atlas
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Collection
Eikan Wa Kimini
Fire Pro Female Wrestling
Linda Cube
Popful Mail
Princess Maker 2
Private Eye Doll
Sankokushi III
Shin Megami Tensei
Super Real Mahjong P II + III Custom
Super Real Mahjong PV Custom
Tadaima Yusha Boshuuchuu
Vasteel 2

Emerald Dragon also claims to have MB128 support, but it does not in fact work; you can copy blocks between the system and MB128 through the game (see below), but cannot actually save to the MB128, unfortunately.  Quite unfortunate!

MB128 games which allow you to backup your system save data (or other primary 2KB backup device) by copying the complete 2KB block to a block on the MB128.  There are 63 available blocks, understandably (128KB for the MB128, 2KB for the internal memory).  See the source link below for more info.  Note that each title’s backup blocks on the MB 128 can only be accessed (and copied back to the system memory) by that game — they are not inter-compatible with the other titles on the list.


Popful Mail
Private Eye Doll (third option from main menu)
Emerald Dragon (hold UP when you press RUN on the CD BIOS screen to access.  In that menu, top to bottom, Load, Save, Swap, Delete Bank, Delete All MB128 Banks.  This is the games’ only actual support for the MB128.  This manager ONLY allows you to copy memory blocks to and from the MB128, you cannot see the files for games which save directly to the MB128 — for that see below.  Oh — if you hold II at boot instead of Up, you’ll go straight to a load-game screen, skipping the intro and such.)
Vasteel 2

MB128 games with a manager that allows you to view what files are saved to the MB128, but not necessarily to copy blocks back and forth from the system


Brandish (Hit Run, choose Load, then choose the lower-left option from the six-option grid on the screen that appears [note: this screen only appears when a MB128 is connected.].  It’s in Japanese text, directly below Save.  This screen shows a list of the files saved to the MB128.  They don’t have file sizes because each one is 1 ‘block’, or 2KB.  Each memory backup (from, say, Emerald Dragon) or game save from a MB128-compatible game creates a file that takes up 1 space on the MB128.  Here you can see what’s on the unit, and delete files if you want.)

MB128 games with MB128 managers that have unknown functions (need info)


Tadaima Yusha Boshuchu – press 1+Run at boot for manager
Linda Cube – press Up+Run at boot for manager

TG16/PCE/CD games with memory card managers that allow you to see file sizes for the files currently saved on your primary 2KB backup device – You cannot see file sizes otherwise, the built-in CD system card manager has no file size listings.

U HuCard

D&D: Order of the Griffon (only if there is not enough space to save)
Falcon (only if there is not enough space to save)


Valis IV (press Select at “Press Start” screen after selecting New Game from the first menu; as long as you do not hit Start at the “Press Start” screen this will not overwrite your saved game, fortunately.  Make sure to hit Select to get into the manager.)


3×3 Eyes
Cosmic Fantasy 3
Cosmic Fantasy 4 Part II
Popful Mail (also has Tennokoe Bank and Memory Bank 128 management features as well as for the on-system save)

Games with Password Save Only – These games save, but only to a password code you will need to write down yourself and input into the game to continue, not to a save file.  Some of these games released before the save backup units existed, but others did not, and should have had real save options.  Some of these games have LONG passwords!

Note: This list may not be complete.  I think the US HuCard list is complete, but I doubt that the Japanese HuCard and CD game lists are complete.  Again, please help me fill in any gaps.



Boxyboy (main game is password only, but edit mode is system save only)
Cyber Core (the “passwords” are really cheat codes)
Double Dungeons
Dungeon Explorer
Final Lap Twin
King of Casino
Military Madness (Nectaris)
Sonic Spike
Tricky Kick
TV Sports Basketball
TV Sports Football
TV Sports Hockey
World Court Tennis (RPG part only)


Bomberman ’94
Hot Blooded High School Soccer (Nekketsu)

CDs – Yes, some CD games have password save.  Some have partially password and partially system save systems; the details, if I know them, are described below.  This section is all my own research, so it probably isn’t complete.


Baby Jo – This game supports system save for your high scores, but game progress is password-only.  Yes, really.
Builder Land – Same as above, the game has high score saving to the system, but game progress is password only.
Jim Power in Mutant Planet – Just like the above two, password save with save file high score records.  (This and the two above games are all by the same developer, Loriciels.)
Neo Nectaris – Nectaris part only (This game includes both a straight port of the original game and a  CD-only sequel on one disc.  Neo Nectaris, the sequel, saves to the system, but this disc also includes a copy of the original game, which still only has password save.)
Ranma 1/2 Part 1 – Password-only saving.
Ranma 1/2 Part 3 – Password-only saving.
Shanghai II – This game has system save support for some things (scores, settings), but has password support for specific tile layouts.  If you want to use a specific tile layout in this Shanghai (solitaire mahjong) game, you can write down and enter a password for it.

Sources for this section:

The three links below all have MB128 games-supported lists.  They are the source for my MB128-supported-games list above.

http://www.pcenginefx.com/forums/index.php?topic=14565.0 – This thread has some useful MB128 information about which games have built-in MB128 managers.  It was great to hear that the MB128 can in fact act as a save-backup device, as well as saving the handful of games that directly support it!

The main list of games that support saving to the system mostly comes from http://turbo.mindrec.com/files/gamesave.faq , with some of my own additions.  The page seems to be missing at the moment, unfortunately.  I hope there is a backup of this page somewhere, it had more info that was quite useful!  This list was, I believe, complete for US releases, but very thin for imports.  I added quite a few import titles to the list, but I’m sure there are many more.

http://pcecp.com/ is also a fantastic resource, though the site’s database unfortunately does not consistently tell you whether games support saving, and you can’t search specifically for games that save, either.

Also some of my own research of course.

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  1. Pat says:


    Does the duo save game stats of PCE cards? For example, will it save my score of parasol stars?


    • Brian says:

      Games need to support saving in order to save things like high scores, and most games do not support saving, but yes, Parasol Stars will; it is among the card-based titles that support saving with a compatible system. It’ll probably save high scores.

      • Christopher Hawe says:

        Parasol stars also saves the stage count, useful for making sure the rainbow necklace appears in a stage where it can easily Be reached

  2. Marc Werner says:

    Steam-Heart’s saves the cleared stages

  3. Fabricio says:

    Hi! I’m was looking for a save database for NEC TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine and a found your page. You did a very nice work!
    I saw that a lot of japanese games are missing information, so, i tried to find how many save blocks that games needs with a emulator and i found a lot more games, but not all. Do you want my list? Just email me!

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