On an Interesting ’80s Lego Birthday Party [Castle] Poster

Sometime in the later 1980s, as many child Lego fans did I somehow got some issues of Lego’s then-new magazine, which was mostly aimed at child fans.  I would not regularly get issues until the mid 1990s, so unfortunately I don’t have many early issues of the magazine but instead have a bunch from the mid ’90s, before I lost interest in Lego due to set quality declining, as I have gone over before.  I am pretty sure that we didn’t used to have more Lego magazine issues that have gone missing; this is what we got, one late ’80s one then a bunch from about ’95 to ’97.  I kept buying enough Lego sets to have the full-sized Lego catalogs for each year through 2000, but stopped for the most part after that.

But this is not about the magazine.  As the title says, it is about a poster.  I’m not sure where this poster came from.  Perhaps when we joined the Lego Builder’s Club by mailing them something, however that went, they sent the poster and the one early issue of the magazine I have, but we didn’t subscribe to keep getting it?  I don’t specifically remember the details, unfortunately. I remember the magazine and this poster well, though.  While looking them up online I’ve found mention of the magazine and scans of some issues, including the early one I have.  That’s cool.

However, I’ve never seen a single mention of this Lego club kids’ birthday party poster!  I really have no idea why, I can’t imagine this being some incredibly rare thing.  Maybe I just haven’t tried the correct search terms in the right place?  But regardless, since realizing this I’ve wanted to post scans of the poster.  However, I am quite bad at photography, as the few pictures on this site show.  I’m much better at writing, for sure.  So I apologize for the poor quality of the photos below.  Please note, I did not reduce photo resolution so they are quite large 4000×3000 pictures, in order to preserve detail.  Particularly on the text-heavy side it is useful, I think.  The images are jpegs but still are somewhat large.

castle poster front - for pin the flag on the castle

This is the front side of the poster. See the yardstick on the bottom for scale — this is a fairly large poster, over 22′ long. The poster is torn along its seams into three pieces, but fortunately has little other damage. I really love this setup! It looks just awesome, with the baseplates, river, and usage of the two castles released in 1984. (That’s the Knights’ Castle in the front left, if you couldn’t tell.)  Oh, as the description says, it would originally have come with several different colored flags to pin on the castle’s flagpole.  On flag, the blue one, is firmly taped on to the poster, as you can see, with some very old tape.  The other flags, each in a different color, are unfortunately lost. I don’t have them anymore.

Poster front - flash off

This is a picture with the camera flash off. The image isn’t as bright but I think you can see the details better in this photo than the other, though it is slightly blurry; I’m just awful at taking clear photos, sorry.  The text is easier to read in this picture than it is in the first one, which is nice, but the minifigures in the center somehow look blurrier… odd.

poster back - full

On the other side of the poster, there are a bunch of suggested party games for a little kids’ Lego-themed party. It’s pretty charming stuff.

Poster back - left side only

This is a closer-up photo of the left half of the back of the poster, for easier reading of the text.

Poster back - right side

This is a closer-up view of the right side of the back of the poster, for easier reading of these party games.

I do have a flatbed scanner, but it can’t scan something this large all at once.  I’m not sure what the best way to take better pictures of it would be.  But regardless, I hope that someone finds these scans interesting, I’ve always remembered this poster and love it, mainly for that fantastic classic castle image on the front!  Pin the Flag on the Castle, what a fantastic take on Pin the Tail on the Donkey…

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